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  1. Maybe one more question: how does the RMS power (limited at no clip) relate to the speaker rated power? That is, if I'm going to limit the amplifier RMS output power to 1/8 of its rated output power, do I still need an amplifier that is roughly 2-4 times more than the speaker's continuous power rating? It seems to me like the CTs 4200 even in bridge mode is largely under-powered for JBL Control 29 speakers... Thank you.
  2. No problem for the delay. Thank you for your excellent answer. It is very informative. I presume applying equalizing filters will also have an effect on the RMS limiter. That might explain why I see so much inconsistency in the power threshold value for the same speakers on different amplifiers. In fact it's not the different amplifiers as much as the frequency response and the different filters used to equalize them. So to summarize, I can start with an approximate guess of 1/8 without any filters, but I will likely still have to do some fine tuning anyway. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I would like to know if there is a "scientific way" of setting the output power limiter on the CTs amplifiers with System Architect. I work primarily with CTs 8200 and 4200 amplifiers. I have been experimenting with the power limiter feature to prevent speaker failures due to clipping. However I'm not sure the best way to go about it. At first I tried taking the minimum power of the speaker and amplifier's rated output, and setting the limiter to that, with the speaker's impedance of course. Pretty much in every case however, the amplifier is experiencing excessive clipping anyway and the limiter never activates. So I tried tuning it instead using the following method: with the built-in noise source, I output a pink noise through one channel and crank it up until the amplifier starts clipping lightly. Then I lower the power limit parameter until the limiter kicks in and clipping stops. And then repeat for each channel. However the power values I usually end up with are significantly lower than either the amplifier or speaker rating. For example, with a 4200 and two JBL Control 29AV (8 Ohms) plugged in bridge mode using all four channels, I have to set the power limiter to 45 Watts to prevent anything but light clipping. Its pretty loud (correct I assume), but nowhere near the rated ~360 Watts output for the amp or 300 Watts for the speakers. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I put channel 7 in bridge mode using channels 7 and 8, and the power limiter worked. Then I put it back in dual mode like before with only 7 and it worked there too, unlike the first time. Maybe switching mode enabled something somehow, or my testing methodology was flawed the first time around. In any case, let me know if your investigation leads to something. I will notify if it happens again. Thanks for your support!
  5. Greetings, I've been blowing speakers with my CTs 8200 as of late, and so I thought I would try the RMS Power output limiter feature to prevent the output from clipping and if necessary restrict the output power even lower. Although my speakers are rated high enough for this amplifier so it shouldn't be a problem. It's working great for all the channels except 7 (see setup below). I tried all kinds of impedances and power combinations including the expected 16 ohm and as low as 10W; the limiter never kicks in. I can always bring the output to clip with a pink noise signal generator. I've made sure the output processor is not overloaded (green) so it seems doubtful this would interfere. My questions are the following: 1. Is the output limiter going to work even if the load impedance is higher (16) than the rated 4/8 ohms? 2. Could the fact that channel 8 is disabled interfere with the output limiter's functionality? 3. Is it supposed to work and I just hit a bug? Should I try with a newer firmware or system architect version? Here is my hardware setup: CTs 8200. All channels are set in dual 4/8 mode, with the gain knobs at 0 attenuation (max). The nominal load impedance of each channel is Ch 1,2: 8 ohm, Ch 3, 5, 7: 4 ohm, Ch 4: 2 ohm, Ch 7: 16 ohm and Ch 8 is unused. Channel 8's output is disabled, muted and gain attenuation set to 0 twice: once with the slider in the main architect window, and once again with the gain knob at the back of the amp. I'm using System Architect 1.90, amp firmware is Thank you for your help!