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  1. Unit is connected to 70v speaker lines. Suddenly, fault&thermal leds come on, both chs, no audio output. Power off resets unit to normal operation, only fault to reoccur again. No shorts measured, nor voltage supply abnormalities. Any repair experience or trouble shooting will be appreciated. Thanks, Mike.
  2. CTs 3000 failure

    Replacement of Main board, front end boards & gate driver boards cured all problems !!!!
  3. CTs 3000 failure

    Powers on ok, power led blinking and after check in 1ch 'thermal & clip' leds come on while in 2ch 'ready&clip' leds illuminate. I measure no shorted components and see no burns. Voltages seem to be ok. Any suggestions?
  4. XS900

    D602 1N4148 was the culprit, causing output of HT permanently. Thanks.
  5. XS900

    Initially no power on. Line presence detected only. Fault was print interruption between controller IC & optocoupler. Now, in ch 2 I get -81V & +51V whereas in ch 1 I have +/- 51V. I measure no short whatsoever in any component. I have schematics but no voltage ratings. Any suggestions?