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  1. crown xti amp service

    I am having troubles with my XTi6000 - at first it was shutting down for 30-50 seconds or so (guesstimated) when driven hard. The last gig was throughout the whole night, even with the system not being pushed hard. I put a fan in front of the amp and it somewhat helped but we backed off on the system considerably and so I had some unhappy customers. I am running it in stereo and driving a pair of Yorkville U215s (approx. 1800 watts apiece). DSP is set to cut these off at 90 Hz and 18 KHz and the amp is limited by -3db given its output at 4 ohms stereo. There is about 2 months remaining on the 3 year warranty so i am gettiing nervous and have asked the USA vendor who sold them to me to advise. Thoughts anyone? I am in Nova Scotia by the way
  2. Hi Guys, I need to gear up my 3 XTis for wireless runs > 30 ft by next Thursday. Can you guys provide any updates on gear, issues & solutions, especially whether this is an easy FUTURE SHOP trip to get me up and running?
  3. I have another question. I did the arena gig as discussed above with no apparent problems - I added a pair of passive Yorkville Unity U215s per side to my passive U215s on a single XTi6000 in stereo operation and rented the extra pair of powered 18s to add to my pair of XTi4000s in bridged/mono for the 21-inch subs. Didn't seem to have any problems other than the occasional clip light here and there on the amps (mostly subs). I am now considering buying an extra pair of passive Yorkville U15 mid-highs to add to each U215 cabinets for all of my gigs. They are nice cabinets with the Tom Danley designed 3 mids + 1 horn design but are 60 x 60 dispersion. The passive U15 cabinets I am contemplating adding simply have one less 15 woofer but both cabinets are still 4 omns in passive full-range mode (biamp for U215 is 1600 w. LF/200 w. HF vs 800/200 for U15). Sensitivity is the same for both but max SPL is 130 for U215 and 127 for U15. The cabinet's specs are as follows: U215: U15: My concern is that I did, and will be, running the XTi6000 at 2 Omns/side. I am using Band Manager to set up the amps and a Yorkville representative gave me the EQ curve types & settings and also recommended -3dB limiting on each the XTi6000 channels. If this is going to be an issue then I will be forced to spend a lot more for a powered U15 that has 900 watts (pgm pwr) to add to each side which of course I prefer not to do so... 1. Am I correct that 2 Ohm operation is a no-no with the XTis? 2. Another option might be a 4th XTi 1000 or 2000 (?) and a reconfiguration of my system (whatever that is??) but they are still hundreds of $$. How would I do this? There is a Yorkville U15 processor if I went to 3 way but...more $$. 3. Do the Driverack products now have, or will have the settings for these particular cabinets? Thx
  4. Is there a way to go into the XTis to review a record of "events" at past gigs? I run a pair of XTi4000s in bridge-mono to each run Yorkville LS2104 21-inch subs rated for 3000 watts. I was using a newly purchased Roland TD-20 V-module and the kick was distoring like crazy, even when I turned down the output signal. I was running less volume than in the past and pulled the kick signal way back and the lights were still running to the top. Will there be a record of this in the amp, or Band manager? At one point there was no audio and the amps still showed the lights peaking?
  5. I am running an XTi 6000 in stereo/full range on a pair of Yorkville U215 mid-highs. Cabinet crossover frequencies are 300 HZ / 1250 HZ. HF Impedance is 8 Ohms. LF is 4 Ohms. Program Power = 1600/200 watts. I am running 2 * XTi 4000s in bridged mode for my Yorkville LS2104 21-inch subs. They are Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms, Program Power = 3000 Watts. I had a local sound tech guy build me an amp rack and am running the U215's as Left & Right from my A&H GL2800-824 console and running aux-fed subs. I have an arena gig coming up that everyone suggests that I need to double up on the cabinets. I see that adding a rental pair of U215's in series with my U215s should be OK. However, my understanding is that I cannot simply daisy chain a rental pair of LS2104 subs since bridged is 4 Ohms. Our local music retailer only has pasive 21's or powered 18's. I have been told that I can daisy chain the powered 18s and pad them so they "understand" they are receiving signal from powered speakons from my 21s. He set the amps up using Band Manager as follows: XTi 6000: X-Over: (Left & Right channels) HP = Linkwitz-Riley 24 db/octave @ 90 Hz, LP = Butterworth 12 dB/octave @ 18 KHz XTi 4000s: X-Over: HP = Linkwitz-Riley 48 dB/oct. @ 40 Hz, Linkwitz-Riley 24 dB/oct. @ 90 Hz My questions are: 1) Is it true I CAN'T daisy chain the extra 21s because the XTi 4000s can't safely operate at 2 ohms bridged? 2) If that is the case, I have no alternative but to rent the powered 18s and daisy chain them with my 21s. Anything I should be wary of in hook-up or operation? maybe keeping the 18s together and the 21's together? 3) Wile I kind of understand that L-R EQ settings are "steeper", I noticed that the XTi 6000 is a different curve type @ 90 Hz vs the XTi 4000s. Will that make a difference at all? Should they be the same? If yes, to what? Thx