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  1. Peavey SP2Xs/SP118x Setup

    Thanks for the info FUD57, The reason why I want to replace my SP2xs is that they are getting fairly old, and figured that if I upgrade I should go with something that seems high rated like the JBLs. I know that Peaveys are much cheaper than the high end JBLs, so I'm undecided.
  2. Peavey SP2Xs/SP118x Setup

    Thanks for the info guys, On another note I'm planning on buying another set of mains comparable to these, maybe JBLs. What suggestions might you have for replacements that work well with Crown amps?
  3. Peavey SP2Xs/SP118x Setup

    The SP2xs have 2 1/4" jacks (marked full range), and 1 speakon (marked biamp). So you're basically saying go ahead and use the stereo Speakons instead of the 1/4 jacks? Thanks NR18
  4. Peavey SP2Xs/SP118x Setup

    NR18, thanks for the info. Do you suggest that I use the speakon connections to the SP2xs as well? Or should I go use the SP2x full range jacks?
  5. Hi all, I thought that maybe you could please help me find an optimal setup solution for my gear. I currently have: (2) SP2xs (2) SP118X (2) Crown XTI 4000 amps (1) Mackie CFX 20 MKII Mixer I currently have the sub amp bridged and use 1/4" to a Banana connector The 2-ways is where I'm having the problem. 1) Should I bridged the 2-way amp the same with 1/4 to banana connectors using the full range and set the XTI crossover? 2) Is there a way that I can run stereo 2-ways and use the speakon bi-amp connectors instead? 3) If I should use the XTI crossovers What would be the ideal settings for the sub amp and the 2-way amp? 4) If there is a better way of setting this rig up, I'd be open for changes. I just lost my rx22s drivers, thinking that maybe I did something wrong, I just want the most optimal setup possible. If you can help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.