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  1. we're a cover rock/pop/alt band and have used the xovr mode successfully for smaller indoor shows when we have limited room, want to use one amp, don't want to bring our crossover and sub amp to save space and setup time. the mode takes the signal from the board and sends lows to 1 and highs to 2. i believe the true application intended for the xti crossover mode is to have 2 xti amps in xovr mode - one driving each side for channel 1 and 2. with 2 amps you would have a a true stereo signal going to high/low left and high low right. if you use one amp in xovr you won't get a stereo mix. when we have used the one amp solution we daisy chain the mains together off 2 and use one sub. in this setup you have a dual mono setup that is actually very clear because you flood the audience with two mono outputs out the mains. it's mono so panning and stereo effects don't work. i also found that the inputs are only taking one (channel 1) since it is intended for a single channel mono setup. when you use band manager you can dial in the crossover point and might want to experiment. there are no rules with the crossover point. with 100 you do get a good starting point. we actually set it a bit higher (200) because we run 2 synths and bass through the board and find that we clean up our mix by getting the lows out of the mains.
  2. Crown XTI, xovr w/link out

    thanks, appreciate the help!
  3. We had an equipment failure of our crossover last night and have a show to do before we will be able to replace the crossover. We have run the XTI in xovr mode before using a dual mono setup, and that works fine for bars and smaller places. But it is mono and provides a little less power than if we use two amps and a crossover. (we normally run an xti 2000 to mains and an xls602 for sub.) If you put a Crown XTI in xovr mode, will the link out pass the the original signal or will it pass the crossed over signal? I couldn't find anything on the diagrams to see if the link out would be affected by crossover mode. Any feedback is appreciated.
  4. Custom Crossover

    great, i will download it and use it. thanks for the reply!
  5. Custom Crossover

    Hello! I am trying to figure out the custom crossover setting on the Crown XTI 2000. Can I control the custom setting from the front panel or do I need to use the System Architect software? The manual I have says "to be described later" but it only shows how to set the quick start presets (90, 100 etc). Any help is appreciated.