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  1. CM311 and Mackie 808M

    After checking around the internet, it looks like maybe I could use something like this in between the 311 and the PA head? Then I'd plug in as I normally do, and not use phantom power from the Mackie? As you can tell I'm not an electronics guy TIA
  2. I'm a drummer who has inherited a singing role with the departure of the original lead singer. I've been using a conventional mic/stand setup but find it difficult to get around the set while keeping my mouth in one spot (glued to the mic). All the reviews I've read point to the Crown CM311A as the King of headset mics. The band uses a Mackie 808M PA head with 15 volts of phantom power. I see the 311 specs says it needs at least 18, or you can use a (single?) 9 volt battery. Is this correct? I'd really rather NOT go the battery route if at all possible. Former bandmates have always had problems with battery operated equipment i.e. do I change the battery every gig, etc. They just seem so undependable. Are there any other alternatives? Thanks.