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  1. I'm thinking of using a wireless router to run BandManager\SA on my netbook to control my xti 4000's. The wireless router in question has a "printserver" usb port. My question is whether crown is using TCP/IP control over usb to control the amp. Has anyone tried this or are you using a usb to ethernet adapters? Thanks,
  2. XTi 4000 in bridge mode Question

    No problem, I also ran a production co. about 15 years ago. You wouldn't beleive some of the gear I ran across on the road, even though I was working with national acts.
  3. Try this first. Since you have an XTi 2000, try it bridged into the sub and see if it clips as well, but do not use the -12db limiter setting, use -3 at the most AND start with the channel one attenuator at 12 o'clock & make sure all connections and polarity in the red terminals are correct ( If the subs are out of phase, you won't hear much bass ) I think the 1000 may be too small for what your trying to achieve. I'm using a 4000 bridged on 2 single 18" 8 ohm subs rated @ 650w RMS each. Never gets close to the red. I'm using two mics on the kick, Audix D-6, and a Shure 91.
  4. XTi 4000 in bridge mode Question

    Good, I'm sure about it being bridged correctly. I used band manager to set it up and have mixed professionally for 25+ years. Just wanted to make sure the meters were working correctly. Thanks,
  5. I've got one of my 4000's runing in bridge mode powering (2) 8 ohm single 18's subs. Is it normal in bridge mode for just the channel (1) led display meter to show signal? The channel(2) meter shows no changes while running. It's not mentioned in the manual and this amp is brand new. My other 4000 is in stereo mode and both meters show signal changes. Thanks