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  1. Is there a away to rename amps in Band Manager? When System Architect first came out I set up the amps with that. Later on I started using Band Manager, but now I can not remove the titles I put on the amps. Will I have to reload SA to remove the titles or is there an easy way to do it in BM??? Thanks in Advance! Ledfoot
  2. xti 2000 - XOVER Mode

    Again, Lots of Great Help. Thanks!!! O.K. So here is what I am planning/thinking, to do. (per side) (2) JBL MRX515 MID/HI Cabs - 8 ohm each plugged into a bridged mono xti 2000. bridged mono with 4 ohm load = 2000W = 1000 per cabinet (2) JBL MRX518S SUBS - 4 ohm each plugged into a stereo xti 4000 stereo with 4 ohm load = 1200W/ch = 1200W per cabinet Any Thoughts??? Anybody looking for some well cared for, always racked, low mileage, XTI 2000's ??? Led
  3. xti 2000 - XOVER Mode

    WOW lots of good stuff here. O.K. I will dig into the Band Manager deeper. Can I play around in there without plugging into an Amp? If I really ball things up in the amp , can I go back to a factory default settings? Also as long as were on the topic, I have tried plugging all 4 amps into a USB hub. The problem I had doing this was that the amps kept dropping off and I would have to search for them again. I assumed that it was because I was using an older laptop and the USB ports could not handle it. Any thoughts? Cables: Yup, all speaker cables are 12 AWG - no jumpers, each cab get it own feed. 35 ft. long AC power cords, also 12 AWG type SO Custom built. Thump: The JBL MRX518S subs that I use have a 4 ohm load each. Can I run two (4 ohm cabinets) = (2 ohm load) on a bridged mono-amp? The JBL MRX515 tops are 8 ohm load each. I thought about running those amps in bridged mono also. (2-8 ohm tops) 4 ohm load total = 2000w = 1000 per cabinet. Or is my math all wrong.
  4. Hello to All, and please be gentle, I am a 40 somethng weekend warrior who just wants to relive my youth! O.K. here is the setup A&H MixWiz (4) xti 2000s (4) JBL MRX 515 - (8 ohm load = 475w/ch) (4) JBL MRX 518 - (4 ohm load = 800w/ch) The xti's are run in XOVER mode, Ch.1 Subs, Ch.2 Mid/Hi. Typically set at 90Hz or 100Hz Xover point. As you can see from the inventory list above, each speaker gets it own channel of amplifier. The system works great and is a nice clean setup not haveing to deal with an external Xover, but.... Sometimes I would like a little more snot for bigger clubs or even the occassional outdoor gig. Yes, I know, I should have bought the xti 4000s / 6000s in the first place. My question? I have dabbled with Band Manager a bit, and it seems that the XOVER Mode is nothing more the digital filters to filter out Highs on ch. 1 and Lows on ch.2. Thus the very specific instructions in the XTI manual (pg.24) about only hooking up subs to ch.1 and tops to ch.2. If my assumption is right could I take ch.2 settings and copy them to ch.1. I would then run a xti 2000 in bridged mono (2000w) and plug in (2) 8-ohm load mrx 515 mid/hi cabs = 1000w per cab For the subs....... Buy (2) xti 4000's and run them the same way, just with different filters for subs. Thanks! in advance. Ledfoot
  5. XTi 2000 - All LEDs On

    "Is there Anybody Out there"
  6. Yesterday (10-03-10) I was reconfiguring my xti 2000s from my previous outing. Simple change, just reset the delays on the channels back to 0ms. Anyway I have (4) 2000s so I started each amp one at a time as I always do. Each went through its normal start-up cycle, except for the last amp. Rather than all the LEDs flashing and then eventully going back to just the "Ready" LED, all LEDs stayed lit - beyond the typical 4-second turn-on delay. I immediatly shut the power off the "problem" amp and all the others. After a few minutes, and actually pulling the plug from the wall, I restared just the "problem" amp. No Problem. I then continued to turn on all the other amps with no problems. I then went through and made my changes as planned, then shut-down the amps. Being the currious type I thought I would try to recreate the problem, Sure enough same Problem again. As before I did clear it by following the same steps I took the first time around. Any Ideas on whats going on??? PS. The amps had the input gain off with no load (speakers) hooked up. The amps have been in XOVER mode since day one. Each amp has a JBL 518 on ch.1 and a 515 on ch.2 Thanks In Advance Ledfoot
  7. hey out there - new to the forum so take it easy on me. anyway........ Here is my setup. (4) jbl mrx515 tops, (4) jbl mrx518 subs. (4) xti2000 The xti2000s are run in xover mode so Ch. 1 feeds the subs 800W. Ch.2 feeds the Tops 475W. The 515s are a 8 ohm load, the 518s are a 4 ohm load. Oh and the xover is typically set at the 100Hz xover point. My question: Although I have been running this config for almost 2 years with No problems, am I doing any potential long term harm to the amp by running it with differnet loads on each channel??? Thanks In Advance! Led PS Any suggestions on alternative setups would be welcome.