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  1. 8 ohm load into 16 ohm cabs?

    Cool, I understand now... Thanks a ton for your help. I really appreciate it....
  2. 8 ohm load into 16 ohm cabs?

    Not really looking at getting louder , but I do like to have the extra headway , I was only wondering because the manual doesnt say anything about 16 ohm loads.. It only shows 2, 4 and 8 ohm set ups.. Both cabs are 16 ohm mono and I didnt know if running an 8 ohm load to one cab and an 8 ohm load to the other both being 16 ohm mono cabs, would fry the speakers or fry my amp... I also like using the power amp because It seems to be a clearer and tighter sound than most the guitar heads I have used.....So as long as it wont hurt anything I guess I will hook up the cabs....
  3. I am using the XLS 402 for power on my guitar rig . Can I run the amp safely into 2 16 OHM Guitar Cabinets?