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  1. Thanks for the answers, It appears that weight would be the only legitamate reason to switch and that's not a major issue. I have a crossover and a XTI 4000 pushing my bottoms. I dont use the DSP in the 4000 as I have the crossover. I was recently told not to link an XTI 2000 and 4000, so I just run them as separate units ( The XTI 4000 and the CE2000.) Based on what I have read from you guys the sound quality wouldnt be that much of a difference between a CE2000 and an XTI2000.
  2. Hi, I have a Crown CE 2000 that I have used for the last several years with no problem. I am looking to get the XTI 2000, is there a major difference between the two other than the weight and the built in processor of the XTI 2000? I didnt know if the sound quality would be effected in any way. I will use it to push 2 JBL EON 1500 non powered tops. They are rated as 225W @ 8 Ohms. Thanks for any help.