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  1. Yamaha S115V & Crown XTi 4000

    To bring an old topic back. I have the same setup with an exception and I'm looking to upgrade my subs. The exception is I have bi-amped the Yamaha C215v tops, XTI400 on the 2 15in mids and sorry to say but a QSC RMX2450 on the horns. I will be getting 4 EAW FR250z specs are below. Frequency Response (1 W @ 1m) ±3 dB 40 to 2100 Hz -10 dB 33 Hz Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1 Watt @ 1m) Sub Bass 101 Impedance (Ohms) Sub Bass 4 Power Handling, AES Standard (Watts) Sub Bass 1000 Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL) Sub Bass Peak 137.0 Sub Bass Long Term 131.0 Recommended High-Pass Frequency 24 dB/Octave 35Hz I was going to go with the Macro tech but now I thinking about the Macro tech I. Dose anyone have any thoughts on what series or model? I do mostly rock bands to give you an idea of the content.