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  1. XTI2000

    WOW!!! Now you had to go and get technical on me...LOL. Just kidding. Actually, I think I can figure out what you have described, if I do as you say, take my time. For years, I just had my drums to set up and mic. But after being out of the music scene for a few years, I decided to get my own PA equipment when I got the itch to play again. At 50 I figured I better do it while I still can, or some might say a mid-life crisis thing. So, I know what you mean about not hearing the real high stuff anymore! Just one question. When you say to shut the EQ off on the board, is setting the faders to 0, or flat, the same thing? There is no on/off switch for the EQ on the board. Thanks again for sharing great information!!
  2. XTI2000

    Hey guys, thanks for your replies. I really appreciate it!! Fud57, sorry I got you confused for your first reply. I've seen some of your replies on other topics. You are not a late night dummy. My main goal is to get the maximum power potential out of the amp with the input and output options I have with the mixer, driverack and amp. We actually use the XTI2000 amp and Behringer speakers to monitor both vocals and electronic drums. I'm not totally used to the wireless in ear monitors. I still need some stage sound. Plus, our guitar player doesn't like the wireless IEM's. By the way, the mixer does have two monitor outputs. We use Mon2 out for the wireless in ears. As far as EQ, we use the mixer EQ's for the monitors and the EQ in the driverack for the FOH. Both are adequate for the places we play. Kevin, thanks for your advice. Makes sense. That is how I have the amp programmed...Input Y mode and CH1 + CH2 mode. I didn't know if you can even use a splitter to combine the two channel inputs into one. It doesn't matter with this amp, since it has the Input Y. The reason I need the maximum power out of the amp is because the Behringer B212XL speakers seem to need to be cranked up to get the volume level needed to be heard on stage. You guys will be proud of me. I downloaded the Band Manager software from Harman. After going through the page options, I found a set of Gain sliders on the Crossover page. The levels on CH1 and CH2 were set at 0. I moved them up to 5. That seemed to boost the volume level of the speakers without having to max out the amp. I actually have a little headroom now. Once again, thanks for your replies. It's awesome to have folks like you out there helping people like me to understand this stuff!!!
  3. XTI2000

    Newbie here... bought an XTI2000 to use as a monitor amp. We use this monitor setup mainly to hear my drums on stage, they are the Yamaha DTXTREME III electronic. I have programmed a user preset on the amp to include the CH1+CH2 option along with the Input Y option. This allows me to use both channel outputs on the amp out to four speakers (Berhinger B212XL), two on each channel for a 4 ohm load...I know, I should have gotten the JBL JRX112M speakers. I use the channel 1 input on the amp and go to the monitor out on the mixer. Is this the best way to set up the monitor power with this amp when using one monitor output on the mixer, or can I use a splitter on channel 1 and 2 inputs on the amp to run into one monitor output on the mixer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The rest of my PA, which I am very happy with, consists of a Carvin RX1200 mixer, DBX DriveRack PA, 2- Alto ACL2PRO Stereo Compressors, Shure PSM200 Wireless Monitor System for VOX, 2- QSC GX5 Power Amps, 4- JBL JRX115 Speaker Cabinets and 2- JBL JRX118S Sub Cabinets.