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  1. XTI Front Panel Ladders

    Kevin, Obviously been a while since I've been able to check this, and thanks for the reply. It's odd, but happened on 2 amps. The amps are separated by 1 open space in the rack, and they did not feel hot nor were they blowing particularly hot air out the back, so I don't think it was a thermal issue. I do a lot of mixing on others gear, so haven't had my rig out for a couple weeks, but have the next two weekends on it for outdoor all day multiple band gig's, so will try to keep an eye on it some more. Just bought another 6k so I could match the "old" style before you can't find them anymore. I'll keep it in the box for now and will have a brand new 4k and 6k in case there's any trouble and report back what I find in the next shows. That you have not heard of this is a little scary, but as I said, they don't seem to miss a beat when this has happened. I have the limiters set at -3 so I don't think I'm pushing them all that hard, but if you reply back, does the amp show any indicator when the limiter kicks in? Also, for the record, I've never seen them in the red input or output on band manager. R
  2. All, I read 20 pages of the forum to try and answer this question, but only saw limited info, and not a direct answer. My apologies if I missed the answer, but would like help trouble shooting this condition. I have 3 Xti's, 2K,4K, and a 6K. I've seen this condition on both the 4K and 6K, never at the same time or both amps at once. What happens is at the led ladders on the front of the amps, sometimes I see the thermal light flashing at a time where I would expect to see the clip light instead, for instance on kik hits for the sub amp. (For the record, I'm running all these at 4 ohm or higher, no 2 ohm loads). The thermal light flashes, but the clip does not, and the thermal flashes when the -10 light is hitting also, so it doesn't seem that I'm clipping the amp when this happens. I'm not shy when pushing for sound pressure, but think the power is matched to the cabinets adequately, and I don't try to force the system to levels it's not capable of achieving. From what I've read on the forum, this could be an indication that I'm running out of current from the wall. My rack is set up with power-cons with 2 separate ac inputs, one for the 6K, and the other for the 2k (horns) and 4k(mids). Typically, since it's hard to get adequate power in the local clubs, I only take one power input, and jump it to the other input, so at best I'm probably only getting 20amps, and after line loss etc, probably less than that. (based on the wall receptacles, they are probably, if wired correctly, 15amp circuits) The lowest voltage I seems to see is around 109v at the FOH power conditioner, but that is often powered by a different circuit. I try to get my monitor rack on a separate circuit and doubt I could run mains and monitors off a single circuit, and so far have never tried. FOH usually is powered from the monitor rack. Bottom line, just want to confirm that this condition on the ladders is indeed indicative of low current to the amps. It doesn't seem to effect the output or sonic performance in any way, but I did buy an extra 4k because I was getting worried that something was wrong with the amp and I had a 3 day out of town gig after noting the problem the first time. As it turns out, spare amp still in the box, the 6k did it on the trip and not the 4k which had exhibited the problem the week before. Again, it didn't seem to have adverse effects sonically, and when I dropped 2db off 60hz on the kik input it settled down. Can anyone confirm that this is what the ladders are telling me? The other post suggested this might be the case, but confirmation would be nice. Thanks all for your time. PS, after reading 20 pages of posts, my 2 cents is the Xti series is awesome. At this price point, the dsp and ability to use band manager to tweak to box parameters can't be beat. My oldest amp is from '06 (I think), is on one of the recall lists for possible problems, but I haven't sent it back cause I don't have the problem (knock on wood). The amps have yet to fail me, and they travel and are used every weekend. Stiffer rails on the itech-nice, but as my post suggests, getting the power out of the wall is the problem on the club circuit! +1 Crown