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  1. XTI 2000

    I Will turn all dsp off and see how it behaves.
  2. XTI 2000

    I am experiencing an issue with my XTI-2000 that i have had is since past October 09. The past couple weekends I have noticed that the output level drops drastically after an hour or so of use... I have this setup to power subwoofers -6db limiter set no crossover no eq, 2 ch mode. last night I was using only ch 2 at 4 ohms to power 2 subs. after some time we noticed we had no bass. moved everything over to ch 1 (inputs and outputs) and bass was again audible. When I have a full sound system setup ch1 runs folded bass horns, and ch 2 is set to run bass reflex cabs with 7ms delay for phase alignment. I run everything entirely behind a dbx215eq and a dbx166comp and a dcx2496. I have tried a reload of the firmware with system architect, checked fan operation& no blocked airflow ,the unit never goes into clip or thermal my old crown 800CSL that I use on all of my tops still rocks every weekend. Tim.Y