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  1. Crown PSA2

    Hello and thanks in advance for the help. When I first purchased this unit the fan went on very occassionally. Now it seems to run all the time and it has plenty of ventilation and it's not being used hard. Any ideas? Jim
  2. Which Crown Amp for my home stereo

    Thank you to Fud57 and Stephane. So I will look for a reference amp, if I can get it for the $1500, or an XTI or an Itech. For home stereo, I'm sure the Reference amp would be your number one choice, but I'm not spending more than $1500. That aside what are the differences between the XTI and ITech series. I will do my own research but would love to hear both your opinions on them. Thanks Jim
  3. Which Crown Amp for my home stereo

    By the way thanks for atleast answering. No one else is. I't simple, I want Crown, I love their sound, I've heard the new stuff, and no offense, I don't like it. So, first between the Crown DC300 series and the PS400, any recommendations. Second, are there any other Crown amps besides the 'K' series that might be better with no fan, or with a super quiet fan that have the power of my PSA-2. I can't afford the Studio reference series, just saw one go fro over $3000. thanks again Jim
  4. Which Crown Amp for my home stereo

    I am really stuck on Crown, I love the sound. I've heard alot of the new stuff and despite much prodding and many a-b comparisons, which surprised many peopel pushing the so called new 'stuff' Crown has always done well for itself. Often to the dismay of my friends with the new stuff, they had to admit, they didn't realize how good that old 'iron' is. Having answered you with a diatribe, let me say that I love to find out new things, so I'm always open to new info, supported by specs, facts and listening tests. I though my Rectilinear III's were about the best speakers you could get, and they are surprisingly competitive with many of today's best. Then I heard the Martin Logan's and realized that I could do better. Tell me what you think and what you would suggest with something new. Jim
  5. Hello everyone, need some help. I want to possibly buy a different Crown Power Amp for my home stereo. Right now I have a DL2 preamp and an EQ2 equalizer with A Crown PSA-2 power amp. The system sounds fabulous, but every once in awhile the PSA2 fan turns on making it annoying. Is there something more powerful than the DC300 or PS400 that will deliver more power than those two and that does not have a fan. Something besides the K2 which I know is a great amp but will not fit in my furniture and is kind of ugly. My current PSA-2 puts out about 265 watts into 8 ohms, per channel and I'm looking for atleast that much power. Of the two the DC300 or the PS400 which is better for a home stereo, just in case I decide to use one for each channel. I am currently driving old but great Rectilinear III highboys and they sound great, but I may upgrade to Martin Logans and that's why I want a powerful amp. Please help with advice with reasons. Thanks Jim
  6. Crown EQ2

    Finally got the Deoxit. Can I spray into the front of the EQ2 where the frequency pots are? Also If I pull the knobs off the other controls can I spray it in the front or do I need to take off the metal case? I have a DL2 that has some scratchy pots, can I spray them from the front with the knobs off, or should I remove the housing on that as well? Thanks Jim
  7. DL-2 Purchase

    Thanks for the response. No this is not a Power line 2 or a Cl-2 It's the distinction series DL-2 preamp and controller, with separate power supply module. Are parts still available for that? Jim
  8. Crown EQ2

    Thanks for the help. Where can I buy it? Radio Shack? Can I do the cleaning by spraying into the unit, with it off, sliding the pots and waiting for it to dry? Thanks Jim
  9. Crown EQ2

    Some of the slider pots have become a little scratchy on my EQ2. Can I purchase some kind of spray that will clean them. I remember I used to clean old TV tuners with a spray. If so can I do it by just spraying in the slots and moving the pots. Unit off of course? Thanks Jim
  10. DL-2 Purchase

    A friend has a DL-2 that he is selling. It works fine. My question is will it be serviceable if something goes wrong? Are some of the critical parts, opamps etc no longer available? Thanks Jim