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  1. Hi- I have an XTI 4000 . When I power up the amp, all level lights are lit up to the red and do not come down and click to a ready state like it normally does. I have power cycled the amp a few times and also unplugged it a few times. There is no audio input to the amp. Any idea what would be causing this? Is there an easy fix for this?
  2. Generator to run XTI series

    Wondering if any of thecrown tech experts on this board can provide some advice on recommended wattge/amps?
  3. Generator to run XTI series

    Would this be for running both amps? Also do I need to be concerned about watts? What numbers should I be looking at?
  4. Hi- I am wanting to run my rig in a parade and I would like to power it for about two hours from a generator. I need something small and portable to run my XTI 4000. I have two units (ideally this would be great) but can get by with one. I have asked around and have had varying thoughts on whether this can be done due to the switching PSU and the DSP. How many watts/amps will I need to sustain @ 4 ohms for est. 4 hours total without experiencing LF sag and do i need to be concerned about a "computer friendly" generator due to the DSP requirement in the amp? How many watts do i realistically need (with a little bit of headroom)? I'm specifically looking at the honda EU series generators but am open to real world suggestions and experience from others!
  5. Crown XTI 4000 - Output Issue

    Thanks Kevin.
  6. Crown XTI 4000 - Output Issue

    If I run .768Vrms between pin 1&3 (That's as close as I can get to .775vrms with the Sconvert) I get 85.1V. Does this sound like its where it needs to be?
  7. Crown XTI 4000 - Output Issue

    I am not running any input gain. I am purely using pink noise from internal dsp in band manager. Also if I run 1k tone @ 1.4v input from pins 2 hot and pin 3 cold (input) I am only getting 77v seems low as I am not hitting a clip light. Please advise.
  8. Hi- I am running XTI 4000. I set DSP to off, disconnect speakers, run pink noise generator within band manager with both attenuators on from panel turned all the way up. Using Fluke 115 TrueRMS multimeter I only get reading between 30-31v on outputs. I seems as if I am not getting full power from the amp. I'm thinking my voltage should be much much higher than this in a 100% working amp? Any idea what may be causing this issue?