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  1. More headroom

    Ha! I play drums for one group and part time bass for the other. I play an Alesis electronic set and I have just learned to play without hearing myself AT ALL. If I had as acoustic set the guitar players wouldn't have a chance.
  2. More headroom

    LOL.... gotta be the loudest thing on stage don't they!
  3. More headroom

    Ok, Thanks. I'm running the channel faders about 7 below unity on the vocal mics so i have a little room to back off the gain and still get the same volume levels. I don't have any problems getting volume out of the instruments.
  4. More headroom

    Yes I did, but we have two praise bands that alternate weeks so setting the levels is a constantly moving target! I have each channel peaking out about 2 leds below clip on the board.
  5. More headroom

    Thanks fud57, I split the inputs last night and assigned vocals to subgroups as well as mains and wrung it out. Everything sounds great with no feedback and plenty of volume at 3/4 gain on the amp. Life is good!
  6. More headroom

    Thanks for the tips. We have only one EQ and it is on the stage which makes it impossible to EQ the room without 2 people yelling back and forth so I will move it back eventually. I am not having a lot of problem with feedback and we have plenty of volume on Sunday morning so we are not in that bad of shape. I know our system has a little more it it than we are getting out of it and I am trying to learn how to make it perform optimally. We are located in western North Carolina near the Hickory area. Thanks again for the help and advice.
  7. More headroom

    Thanks for the help, what confused me is that the gain on the new amp had to be twice that of the old amp to get the same volume and the new amp should be more powerful than the one we had. Is there anything wrong with splitting the input and running one speaker out of each channel? The reason we are not running in stereo (and I didn't set this up) is because the EQ and amp are on the side of the stage and we are running the signal from the mixer back through the snake to the EQ( I know it's crazy and I intend to move the amp and EQ back to the mixer eventually)and we simply do not have another line in the snake to run the other stereo channel through. I think I can get more gain at the board because the signal was barely lighting the lights on the amp and it was nowhere close to clipping. Thanks again for your help.
  8. More headroom

    I recently purchased a Crown XLS602 for our church to replace an old peavey cs400. We are mixing with a Mackie vlzpro32-4 and our speakers are two peavey impulse 200s listed at 8ohm 300w contiuous 600w program and 1,200w max. We are using it for full band praise and worship music. We are running mono and right now we are only using 1 channel of the amp turned almost all the way up. How do I get the most out of this setup? Do I split the inputs and run both channels in mono or If I run it bridged can my speakers handle it? Where will I get the most headroom? Sorry about the long post but I wanted to give as much info as possible. Thanks.