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  1. xti with jbl mrx

    thanks 4 the input man much needed. i was looking through some other forums and kevin was talking about getting 2 xti1000 and running them bridge mono at at 1000w 8ohms to a set of mrx 515's tops do you belive doing the same thing to a set of mrx 525's and running them at a 4ohm load at 1400w would be better suited, but then that will be with 1% thd insted of .5% in stereo, or would that still be fine to run thought my tops? im just trying to look 4 a perfect match up and im geussing that would still roughly be around the same price?
  2. hi everyone, im about to buy a pair of jbl mrx 525's For mains and mrx 582x's subs. I was wonderin what amps would be best for this rig. I was thinking of using a xti6000 to run the 2 mains at 1200 watt 8 ohm per channel and 2 xti4000 bridge-mono for the subs at 2400 rms 8 omh this is going to be the first rig and im looking to do it right. if anyone could give me some feedback on how this all match up together or if there are any other ways i could go about this??