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  1. Crown USBx

    I just received my USBx and have had success linking itech and XTI amps. Does your USBx have an unbelievably loud internal fan???
  2. Has anyone used this device yet? Can you link iTech amps through the network port at the same time as XTI's on the USB port? I don't care what it costs, just that it works good!
  4. There are free presets downloadable from the Crown website for the JBL VRX932and VRX918S speakers.
  5. XTI 4002 limiter setting

    What attack and release times would you use for average power protection? I just bought a couple xti2's and am in the process working on the limiters.
  6. xti in bridge mode

    No, when you bridge an amp it essentially becomes a single channel amp.
  7. do they exist for the 3 holes in the front ?
  8. I have been in contact with Thang Nguyen from Soundcraft Canada MTL, they will be doing the repairs (I hope!) Thanks, JC SoundCraft Canada MTL, check with Joust here on this forum, i'm sure he will be really help full.
  9. Can I run my amp on its side?

    I've run my QSC PL236's may times on their sides without problems.
  10. one of my Itech6k's went down, there was a bright flash and pop noise followed by a blank screen and fault lights. It was not in use, it actually happened at the shop..! Anyways, who services them in Quebec Canada? Thanks, John