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  1. Thanks guys! i have to say you're some of the most helpful people on the internet
  2. only Crown amps seem to list this as a "feature" ...ive googled it but i only brings up info for "balanced audio" or sales sites for Crown amps......ive heard of balanced outputs of course, but im wondering is there a transformer built in or somehow balances an un-balanced signal? .....that would be sweet...... thanks
  3. ok so i have this Behringer active stereo DI box, which i HATE, to convert my unbalanced bass guitar signal to the XLR ins on the Crown XLS1500......the DI box requires a new 9V battery about once a month but has a Phantom Power option....will the amplifier supply power to the device? im afraid to try it myself cause i dont want to break anything.....thanks BTW this has been the MOST ANNOYING process ever....i have a bass guitar, i have a cable, i want to just plug it into an amp and play.......sure ive had to learn some things about TRS and line level, blah blah, and ive even used some knowledge to try to help teach others but they dont care, -----like the guitarist in my band sees my goin through buying new devices to get my sound in check...and he says see that guitar cable? ima plug it into my guitar and the other end into my amp.....done.....
  4. i got the XLS1500 to play bass guitar through , and i had the same experience every1 recommended XLR cables over my 1/4s....i still think its weak....i have to run my preamp maxed out and the amp maxed out to get in the 450w SS Ampeg was never above 1/2 way and i still had EQ to play with.....but im stuclk with this thing, i still dont understand balanced cables but thats what you may need.....
  5. XLS 1000 For bass rig

    i just dumped my B2-RE for the XLS 1500... everything fud57 says/asks + OUTPUT -- if you want to ( and you should ) use Speakons youll need to buy/make a custom cable, the amps CH1 Speakon output has both channels coming from it- +1 -1 & +2 -2 , one end of the cable needs to have 4 contacts on it so it can touch the +1 and -2 ....most store bought Speakons will only hit +1 -1 cause they only hae 2 contacts, be aware /---> then at the Speakon end that goes to the cab should hit the +1 -1 like a normal speaker would get - ON THE OTHER HAND if you wanna use the bare wiring posts (BANANA PLUGS) just wire it like above no real custom Spekaon work needed ....since you mentioned you are using a low end Ampeg 4x10 i bet you only have 1/4" ins? im sure you are familliar with how to turn anything into a 1/4 -- these amps dont have 1/4 OUTS like we are used to so you WILL have to make a choice here.... INPUT -- the XLS has 1/4" ins but apparently your gonna need XLRs cause they're "better?/BALANCED?" i still dunno dont understand DIs and Balanced signals ...but thats what was reccommended to me and i spent way too much money changing all my cables/devices to Balanced XLRs im running INPUT-Y XOVER 125HZ -> OUTPUT CH1 10G Speakon 525w @4ohms & CH2 10G Speakon 300w @8ohms INPUT-Y is a really cool feature where you only need 1 cable connected (input) but can feed power to both outputs (2 cabs) and even throw on a XOVER ( highs/mids to CH1 and lows to CH2 ) OUTPUT-Y is also cool because you can use a 4 contact Speakon like mentioned above but using all 4 contacts form CH1 +1 -1 & +2 -2 running 4 cables to 2 (2 contact) Speakons on the other end powering 2 cabs with 1 cable super easy setup less cables is DEFINATLY have to buy/make a custom Y cable for that though as those are NOT sold anywhere i can find im using a Line6 Bass PODxt Live and a Nady UHF3 wireless + avtive basses - folks over at are very interested in these amps and the topics pop up often lately with the release of these worries ive used mine in Live situations and they work-id suggest more power though, others with the 1000 have since upgraded to 1500s or more i cant find Monster/Mogami/BRAND NAME 4 contact Speakons so i got mine from ProCables and Sound (google em) VERY PRO/CUSTOM OPTIONS+good prices---but you can buy an NL4 (4 Contact Speakon plug from anywhere for $5 and make your own if your good like that you iwll also need the other end of the plug and cable to go between so paying $60 for me was easier) you can save money going with a power amp watts per $ compared to /BRANDS but you will need the know how and a SOLID PREAMP good luck
  6. my XLS1500 is at around 48C on CH1-CH2 at startup.....then increases to about 52C CH1-CH2 under use unless you mean PS (power supply) cause thats usually 37C never above 42C -no good?
  7. New XLS Drivecore for my home stereo

    spotted it on from a great company i think they till have a XLS1000 available folks over at (forum) have em too....
  8. New XLS Drivecore for my home stereo

    the new XLS DriveCore amps have a VERY quiet fan, yea only 1.....i have the 1500 for my bass guitar rig.... its quieter than my slim PS3, and a desktop computer in my house....i highly fan has even turned OFF completely during performance at 100% heat dissapation in Class-D amplification is amazing even WTHOUT big heavy heatsinks also def UPgrade to low-Z (low impedence or BALANCED 600ohm different terms for the same thing), look at Radial AV2 to change your un-balanced High-Z RCAs to Low-Z (balanced) XLR cables.... Balanced systems carry stronger signal and rejects hum/noise via a 3 pin cable (compared to 2-pin unbalanced cable, think 1/4 guitar cables or RCA cables) good luck
  9. thanks again Kevin ive learned alot on this forum, never knew how important balanced systems are gettin some good volume even clipping at about 75% on the i on target? wish i woulda got the 2500 lol ....but woulda blew my mark bass cabs always in the search of more hadroom, fighting 2 guitarist now sweet deals on legacy XLS series amps @ XLS802 $399 + free AKG dynamic mic, wow!
  10. Bridging amps

    thank you good times
  11. so i like this company Radial design and reviews wise ....but i stil dont know exactly what product im looking for.... Radial J+4 Stereo -10dB to +4dB Interface -Or- Radial ProD2 Passive Stereo Direct Box with a difference of $80 i just wanna make sure i get the right device....i dont know what any of this stuff is.. im used to a real clean setup, bass-->amp, so all this is new to me guys..playing for 7 years and never needed or seen other bassists carrying XLRs in their setup...oh well any advice on very high quality XLRs? everything in my setup is Monster PRO1000 but i cant afford their XLRs currently......will buying less expensive XLRs impact greatly on my sound quality? Thanks
  12. i gotta get 2....thats expensive in the product description for the XLS1500 it says electronically balanced XLR inputs...what does that mean? can i just use a 1/4 - XLR adapter? are ALL / most XLR cables balanced...reason i ask some brands mention that theirs are unbalanced or balanced and some dont mention either....are Microphone cables balanced XLR? id get the Monster PRO1000 Mic Cables but there is no mention of balancing.... i bought Monster Stereo DJ cables (XLR) cheapest stereo XLR set i could find that still had some kind of name behind it...there is no mention on the package or online descriptions tht mention if it is balanced or not... Thanks
  13. no difference with balanced XLRs.....only the signal LED lights up, cant get to -20 , -10 still couldnt clip it with all gains and outputs at 100% all EQs bands at 100% no PADing for Active Bass tried an MP3 Player via RCA ins same story only Signal LED lights cant get any usable "VOLUME" till amp front end is at 100% is it broke? my cabs are setup ok right? CH1 525w @4o - 4x10 --- CH2 300w @8o - 2x10, all Monster PRO1000 Speakon speaker cables
  14. got a cheapy behringer stereo DI box + cheapy stereo Monster XLRs......well see what happens, can always return the DI and cables if theres no difference
  15. From Line6 website/knowledge base....not sure exactly what info you were looking for so ill just throw some specs up here GUITAR INPUT IMPEDANCE 1 Mohm GUITAR INPUT MAX INPUT LEVEL 5Vpp OUTPUT IMPEDANCE 1.33K ohm stereo, 666 ohm mono Signal to Noise Ratio (Guitar IN to Direct OUT stereo) unbalanced: -107.5dB, balanced: -107.5dB and heres where i see why XLR is better... Both Outputs are Line Level- 1/4" Unbalanced TRS output 1.8K-ohm impedance, tip= instrument voicing, ring= full bandwidth, sleeve= ground, XLR Balanced 600 ohm