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  1. ma-1200 identifying PCBs

    Must be blind, found it now. Located straight on the board.
  2. Hiho Have a 1200 for repair here. No problem to identify the individual parts with the service-manual on the crown-page but a general problem to identify the board. In the servie-manual the different boards a listed with a Qxxxx- and Dxxxx-number, the D-number is listed directly on the pcb but where I can find the Q- !? The main-board that need a few new parts is "D-7993-5", but don't be shure what Q 'cause, mentioned above, don't find it. Thanks in advance!
  3. I can only tell my own opinion, always verify by yaself! I find the XLS sound "flat", precisely because ya want to use it on bass. I think crown want to fill the hole "low-cost"-consumer with this series ' cause ya get functions in it with a half of a prize then other series. Again, just my opinion, best choise would be test by yaself to make ya own experience.
  4. Don't buy XLS! Crowns are great (i love 'em) but the xls-series is crap in my opinion! The power of ya amp of choise should be gegulated either by an on-board or external limiter, to say it in easy words ya can choose exactly the power ya want to ya speakers. So if ya need 800w and buy one of the "good" crowns all with 900w and above with the right impedance should be fine.
  5. Led me pick this thread up. I need a transmotor-unit for one of my ma-1200. A full main(?)-PCB as well. Got a blow one here wich need repaired. At the time I get it it was blown allready, no idea what the previous owner do with it. Has anyone here something in one of his spare-part-boxes maybe!? Here are a picture of the blown part, looks like if had killed q10b, q107, r118 - d123 and maybe n101 The problem is that it burnt down the pcb and couse its double-sided only part-replacement can get annoying because many cable-bridges but have alook by yaself. cheers and thanks in advance.