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  1. XTI-4000 crossover & ohm questions...

    Thanks for the wiring tip...makes sense to me but, sounds a bit complicated for a mobile rig. I checked the manual and it does list the specs for a 2-ohm load...so, just for the helluvit...I hooked everything up last night, and downloaded the Band Manager software. Jeez...thats the simplified version?!?!? Anyway, I fiddled around with it for a couple hours...but I really couldn't find the sweet spot using the virtual crossover and eqs in the software. It sort of looked like a bunch of pretty colors and confusing screens of meaningless features to me. I did manage to set the outputs to CH1-subs and CH2-mains...operating at 2-ohms (I think). Operating in this mode...the amp has TONS of power...but I couldn't do anything with it. I eventually gave up on it. I really miss my 40lb. QSC's with simple dip-switches...this thing is a nightmare! Maybe DJ's are fine with taking a PC to a gig...but as a player, I can say that'll never happen. I need to set-up, play, get paid, load-out. I guess the idea is to pre-program and save my set-up to the amp...but, the software is very vague and seems to offer a bunch of options that mean nothing to my setup. God forbid I had to make an adjustment via the front panel...thats even worse. Just push buttons until sound comes out? Seriously...making music should not be this clumsey. I will take a day off...calm down...try to open my mind...and try again tonight.
  2. I just put together a new, smaller, light-weight PA for my bar-band. Included in my new rig is a single XTI-4000, and I got some questions regarding the built-in crossover and how to hook up the speakers. Everybody seems to be doing all sorts of things with these amps...but I'm just looking for a traditional mains/subs arrangement. Here's my quesions.... 1. I can drive both my mains and subs from one amp, right? 2. I assume this means a single mono-output goes to the subs, and the other output to the mains, right? 3. If so...what is the minimum ohm limit per channel? 4. Does the XTI automatically split power 50%-50% in a two-channel arrangement? 5. If not...can I control how the wattage gets split? I'm running (2) 4-ohm Carvin towers for mains, and (2) 4-ohm Carvin 18" cabs for subs. Mono outputs are fine...but there is only one per side. I'm concerned with daisy-chaining the speakers and running a 2-ohm load on each channel. With my past PAs (old school analog stuff)...this was always a No-No. Also, I would like to split the power around 30% HF and 70% LF, if possible. I'm guessing most guys control the HF and LF volumes with the knobs on the amp but, I was wondering if these amps were somehow "partition-able" via the software, rather than just turning down the main (HF) side with the knob. Not sure the exact wattage I would have with this arrangement...I'm probably a bit light on power for driving the 18"s. ANY HELP OR ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED...Thanks-DSPtarded