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  1. Another which amp thread

    Thank you Kevin. This gives me some good options to study.
  2. Another which amp thread

    Kevin, The 2226H drivers themselves are 8 ohm and rated at 600W AES continuous pink noise power capacity. The dual LF cabinet is known as a JBL 4648A and rated at 4 ohms. The 2432H CD info I have simply says "power rating 100W". Let me know if you need more info and I'll obtain. Thanks
  3. Hi Kevin, I'm changing the three front speakers in my HT and moving on to JBL 4722's. My LF cabinets are different from the 4722 however, in that mine are custom built JBL 4648A enclosures with 2 x JBL 2226H drivers in them. The CD is the JBL 2432H. Which amps in the CTs range and DSi range would be recommended here? I'd like to know the recommendations based on: 1. Bi-amping using an active XO between the LF and CD or 2. Utilising the JBL passive XO (as found on the 4722N) Many thanks
  4. Kevin, I've looked but can't seem to ascertain whether the audio input through the DB25 connector (input from main processor) on the DSi 8M, is analogue or AES3. Can you please advise? Thanks
  5. ....and getting back on to my surrounds Kevin. These are JBL 8340A's and I have 6 of them. 4 on the side walls and 2 on the back wall. My room is 11 metres long so I went for an additional pair on the side walls. The current amps I'm using need to be replaced. Would a Crown CTs8200 be a good choice to drive the surrounds in my 7.1 system? The CTs8200 could a nice one box solution. Or would it be better/simpler to use 3 x CTs 600's - particularly if I need delay between the 2 pairs on the side walls? The reason I'm interested in looking at CTs' going forward is that the processing power of the PIP modules seems to be more advanced than that found in the DSi's. And, given my desire to keep the digital signal (24/96 from my HTPC) as intact for as long as possible before switching into the analogie domain, perhaps the CTs's are the best choice. At least with CTs' fitted with PIP's, I can get the digital feed right to the amps. There does remain the issue of how to get the digital signal to the amps in the first place though....given that I'm running a HTPC as a front end. By the way, I'm thinking here about CTs' specifically fitted with the USP3/CN module. Not the USP-4CN (which I think can take a direct AES feed). As I understand it, I'll have to go into a USP3/CN module with CAT5 via cobranet. So, I'll have to get my 8 channels of SPDIF from the HTPC into the network somehow. Can the use of Crown DBC facilitate this? I did a bit of research and can see that a DBC has a DB25 input so wiring the appropriate pins with the HTPC SPDIF feed should work......perhaps! Any thoughts? Thanks
  6. Makes sense Kevin. I am using a Soundweb 9088/9008 combo for DSP but I'm now looking at some other options/upgrades. The use of the DSi's on-board abilities interest me because it keeps things simple. Right now I've got 3 x DSi 1000's for the 3632 fronts only. The other amps for surrounds are a different brand. I'll have to think about the DAC too. At the moment, the Soundweb does this. If I move to process solely with the DSi's, I'll have to use a DAC upstream.....although that will most likely be a cheaper option overall. Upgrading to 48XX driveracks or Soundweb London's is pretty scary and will cost a lot more. I'm kind of (very) fussy about keeping my 24/96 processing too. With an HTPC front end, it's been an up hill battle getting this to work through pro audio gear. HDMI/HDCP/DRM/PAP etc....they've all conspired to make things extremely difficult.
  7. Kevin, your reply has got me thinking...... Since the Crown DSi's were designed specifically for cinema use, is it possible to simply use their onboard DSP and not worry about any additional (DriveRack or Soundweb or other) DSP boxes? Was the DSi design brief to provide the amp with enough on-board DSP so that it saved the cinema operators from having to buy additional DSP gear? I've seen several photos's of cinema's racks stacked with Crown amps and Driveracks - mostly DR4820's or DR4800's. But none of the amps I saw in those photo's were DSi's. Just wondering.....and I apologise that this is a little OT. Thanks
  8. Thanks Kevin and apologies for the double post. I'm bi-amping the three mains (JBL 3632's) with DSi's. If I can't run six surrounds off of one amp then I'll consider cutting the number back to four. But, what I don't understand is how the delay is acheived using just one amp. I thought that the surround signal would have to processed and fed to each surround amp/speaker seperately...say through a driverack 260.
  9. Hi Folks. This is my first post here and I'm looking for some advice relating to the use of a single crown amp to power several surrounds in a cinema. The schematic I've been referencing for this is: I'm trying to understand how a single DSi 2000 is used to power several surrounds (as per the drawing) and what piece of signal processing equipment is used to acheive this. In my home cinema set up I have 6 surrounds but use 3 seperate amps to drive all three pairs. I'm wondering if I can cut the number of amps back to one just one Crown but I don't know what processor would need to be installed or whether this can actually be done. Any ideas? Thanks