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  1. Crown XLS 1000 + 6 speakers

    Oxymoron? I believe he meant MRX!
  2. XLS 1500 Inputs

    THAT answers my question. Thanks Kevin! The manual is not specific on this topic.
  3. XLS 1500 Inputs

    Are the 1/4" inputs on the XLS 1500's TS or TRS? I would assume they are TRS. Thanks!
  4. XTi 4000, settings for nightclub.

    Try: PRESET 6; Input set to "Y"; crossover set to: "2 CH. SUBS" I believe this will get you where you need to be, but I'm not certain, as the manual doen't give any info on the "2 CH. SUBS" setting. This can all be done from the front panel. The manual is online if you can't figure out the front panel controls. Seriously though, the rental company should be the one to help you, ultimately. They may have the correct setting in one of the User Presets. I would ask them first before changing anything.
  5. Setting up xti4000's

    Hey fud57 I wired up the subs using the speakons 1+ 2+ at the amp and only got one channel to work. I ran one cable to ch1 and one cable to ch2 and had no sound coming from ch 2. It worked if I daisy chained but not using seprate cable for each speaker. I rechecked connections and they seem to be correct. Any suggestions? There is no Channel 1 & Channel 2 in Bridge Mode. That's why it's called bridged. Both channels are tied together. Without doing the panel mounts we discussed earlier, you will have to daisy chain as you have discovered. Read your manual. It tells you that Channel 1 attenuator is the only working control in bridge mode. This will work fine, but you have to keep up with the end of the cable that is wired +1/+2, otherwise it won't work. Again, the panel mounts are best. Fud57 is correct on the wire gauge. #12 minimum on bridged subs. #10 is better, but harder to find and more costly.
  6. Peavey SP2Xs/SP118x Setup

    It sounds like you need to use the 1/4" inputs, since you will be wanting to run full range instead of bi-amp. Again, I'm not familiar with these speakers. I will check them out on Peavey's site to be sure about this. Maybe someone else could help that's familiar with this speaker?? EDIT: Use the 1/4" inputs. The Speakons are bi-amp only accordng to the Peavey literature. This should get you going.
  7. Peavey SP2Xs/SP118x Setup

    I am not familiar with the jacks you are referring to, but I assume one is standard two way and the other is bi-amp? If so, you would need another, smaller amp to run the highs in a bi-amp configuration. I would suggest using just the normal, standard Speakon connection in 2-way mode (+1,-1 cable) until you feel out your system. This will be much simpler and probably more than adequate for your needs.
  8. Peavey SP2Xs/SP118x Setup

    I'd run the two way amp in stereo, highpass in the crossover set to 100 Hz Leave the sub amp bridged; highpass set to 45 Hz, lowpass set to 100 Hz, limiter set to -3 dB You can play with the 100 Hz setting on both amps to see what sounds best with your rig. Set them both the same.
  9. Setting up xti4000's

    So if I understand correctly to bridge my subs I will connect to both channels 1 and 2 and wire the speakon connctions to the amp 1+ 2+ and run a cable to both subs which will be wired 1+1- . If I add a panel to my rack I will wire the cables from the amp 1+ 2+, run to speakon panel mount. How do I wire the panel mount speakon? Do I still use 1+ 2+ or does it go back to 1+1- and then 1+1- for the cable to the speaker which is 1+1- Use the panel mount(s). For the bridged subs wire amp +1 to panel mount +1; Wire amp +2 to panel mount -1. Use standard cables (+1,-1) from the panel mount(s) to each sub. You can either use two parallel wired panel mounts, or wire one and "daisy chain" the subs. Some advise against chaining, but I don't see the difference myself. Wire is wire and voltage drop is voltage drop. The beauty of this method of wiring is the use of any standard Speakon cable. Do it and you will thank yourself later. Hope this helps.
  10. More headroom

    Now THAT'S funny! You don't play banjo too, do you? Glad you took it in the spirit it was offered! All in good fun, my man!! Plus, I need to learn how to type!! Later
  11. More headroom

    I hear drummrs like to hang out with musicians.