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  1. very low signal for 1 channel

    well i have the crown amp connected to a nad which im using as a pre amp and dats connected to apple tv which is mostly how i listen to most of my music i havw tryed what u said about trying to connect it to different inouts on the amp it didint change anything
  2. hello everybody .. i have a crown xls802 and resently ive realised that one channel 1 the light is alot weaker than on channel 2 which is mostly constantly on when music is playing so i changed up the setup to see if it was the speakers that was the problem ! but its not and when i unplugged channel 2 spakers from the back channel 1 plays very low its like im gettin most of the sound just from 1 speaker does anyone know why this is ?
  3. how many amps ?

    oo okay thx for ur comment i will do that with the speaker wire on the macro tech i was lookin at the MA-9000i would that be ok
  4. how many amps ?

    You will need an electronic crossover to start with to send only sub frequencies to your subs, and what are the spec for you sub and XLS215?? to you have a budget in mind??? oo i do have a crossover already i got a kam crossover , and price aint really aan issue ... so u say they dont sound good ?
  5. how many amps ?

    i went for the 21 inch is it was the biggest one they had ... lol and these are the specs ..... Specifications * Newly designed 21” woofer with Stroker™ technology for increased output and reduced distortion * Improved power handling to 2000 w * Radial cooling fins located outside the aluminum Stroker™ pole, increase cooling and improve the TS-42’s efficiency * Stroker™ pole is vented out the back of the back plate for improved voice coil cooling * Aluminum cooling ring above voice coil gap for improved heat transfer from the voice coil, providing improved power handling and reduced compression * Stroker™ technology adds a third plane of suspension eliminating cone rocking and allows increased excursion while maintaining a tight gap that provides higher sensitivity * The six magnet sections and the tunnels located between them, provide cooling below the top plate * Rugged new die cast door provides improved heat dissipation & displays Stroker™ metal badge * New curved horn mouth bracing for smoother frequency response * Steel front corner bracing to improve cabinet strength * Extra handles, ergonomic balanced design, and larger casters for easy handling Performance Data: * Frequency Response: -3db 35 Hz - 215 Hz / -10db 33 Hz - 230 Hz * Power Capacity: 1000W (RMS) 2000 Peak * Recommended Power: 1500 w - 2000 w @ 8 ohms * Input Connectors:(2) Neutrik Speakon * Sensitivity (1w/1m): 108 dB * Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms * Maximum SPL: 144 dB and my speakers i have now the xls215 specs are ... Specifications * 1" Soft Dome Tweeter with Ferro Fluid * 6.5" Woofer with Fiber Impregnated Cone * Dual 15" Cast Frame High Excursion Woofer * Proprietary Mid and High Frequency Waveguide * Fuse Protection * Elegant Black-Ash Enclosure Performance Data: * Frequency Response 38 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB) 36 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB) * Power Capacity: 500 watts (Peak ) * Sensitivity in SPL: 95.3 dB (@ 8 ohms @ 1 meter full) * Impedance: 6 ohms * Crossover Frequencies: 280 Hz / 2.4 kHz
  6. hey guys rite now i have a pretty small setup and im looking to expand ... rite now i have cewin vega xls 215 speakers connected to crown xls 802 and a nad pre amp im lookin to buy another pair of xls 215 speakers and ts - 42 21" folded horn bass subwoofer could sumwun gime me few options of what amps .. and how many ? and can i run all this from one pre amp
  7. Question about Crown XLS 802

    the fans are not loud at all .. i mean if u switch the amp on and theres no noice in the room at all u can slightly hear it but as soon as u play music u cant hear anything at all ... even if its tv ur watchin thru the speakers u would hear nuthing i say that from experience because i have the xls 802 and im very happy with it heres a pic of my setup
  8. ok so ive ordered myself some cerwin vega xls 215 speakers .. this is the speaks specs:: Frequency Response: 38 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB) 36 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB) • Power Handling: 500 watts (Peak ) • Sensitivity in SPL: 95.3 dB (@ 8 ohms @ 1 meter full) • 6.5" midrange with Fiber Impregnated Cone • 1" Soft Dome Tweeter with Ferro Fluid • Dual 15" Cast Frame High Excursion Woofers • Proprietary Mid and High Frequency Waveguide • Fuse Protection • Elegant Black-Ash Enclosure can someone plz help me and tell me what amp to i need to get the best out of these speakers , i wanna get the best amp i NEED to get and not anything thats over powerfull & also is there anythin else id need to get to trully optimise the sound or is an amp all i need somewun plz help me