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  1. Actual Ohm Load for XTi

    Maybe 1 XTi 2000 bridged at 4 giving them 2000 watts might be safer but then 2- XTi2000 bridged at 8ohms each to each speaker will work to0..
  2. XTI Upgrades

    I agree
  3. Connecting My Set-Up

    I would say first buy a DBX Driverack and then you can run one sub. Not sure about JRX125 speakers..if they are listed as 4 ohms each then my answeris no to all from one amp. The MRX518 are 4 ohms each and they would work with the XTi4000 at 1200 a side at 4ohms. but i am not sure the QSC1450 will be ok for the JRX125's...check info from JBL web site for power and QSC for amp info..you need to balance the amp out meaning both sides at a 4ohm load or 8 ohm...hope this helps
  4. I have just bought 2 for my rental inventory and after talking with JBL they told me that the new XLS1000 DriveCore will be great for them bridged at 4 ohms giving them 1100 watts to the pair. I asked about the XLS 1500 because I want to use amps in other applications and the 1000 is not good for my company so they told me that running the (2) XLS1500 bridged at 8 ohms on each MRX515 will be ok at 1050 watts each... The XTi4000 at 650 watts at 8 ohms is not enough power as per JBL Tech support and any amp larger may drive the cone out of the basket, not good...
  5. xls 602d bridged 4 ohm load

    The 4th series are not set for 4 ohm bridge mode but the 3rd series are set for 1680 at 4ohm bridged. I own 2 and have run them like before with know problems the 802 series have bridge switch on them and new Drive Core series can run it as well