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  1. XTI Link Out

    Thanks for the reply Kevin. This job was actually at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach - newly renovated. I was using built in stage power and the house system was 4 Meyers powered cabinets plugged into ballroom circuits. They could have been the same circuit, but unlikely. The XTI's panel never visually fluxuated or gave me any indication that there was a lack of power and the amp didn't operate until I disconnected the link at the end of the night. Is there any other indication that an XTI is starved for power? I've used the XTI's at many different hotel ballrooms and never had a shut down like this before.
  2. XTI Link Out

    I just did a gig tonight using my XTI4000 connected to my Numark Mixer via balanced XLR as usual with one set of 8 ohm cabinets connected in stereo mode. The house tech had a Meyer system being fed with a Mackie mixer. I used my link out to send him my feed for his system and everything was working fine until we increased the gain for the dance part of the night and my speakers totally shut down. What I realized was the XTI was not getting any of the line signal while hooked up to the house system. I could shut down the amp and the house was still getting signal thru the link out, but no signal to the XTI internally. When the night was over, I disconnected the link to the house and powered up the amp with only my speakers attached and all was back to normal. It's like the house system sucked all the line signal coming into the input of the XTI. Can anyone explain this and is this the proper way to send the signal to another system? Thanks!
  3. XTI 2000 & 4000 problems

    Thanks for the replies! Kevin I sent the serials to you via email.
  4. plastic rivets

    I just used a drywall screw - anything that will grab the plastic and then pull straight out. Good Luck!
  5. I have an XTI2000 and an XTI4000 that I purchased May 2007. The 4000 developed a problem where the left channel would drop out and I could tap the front panel and it would kick in again. The problem got worse and I took it to the warranty shop in North Miami, FL. They said that there were solder points that came loose and they repaired it. It worked for a while and now again has the same problem. I started using the 2000, which was my backup and now this one is dropping in out too and in addition has a prominent hiss in the audio. I hesitate taking them back to Miami and wondered what the options are. They still are under the 3yr warranty till May, but with the 4000 recurring solder point problem and now the 2000 crapping out, I don't have much confidence in these amps any more. I bought Crown based on rep and durability - the XTI's don't seem to be in the same league. Has the XTI design changed since 2007 and does Crown offer exchanges? Any input would be appreciated - thanks.