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  1. For the speaker wiring, I use a bananna - 1/4" cable. But I can't say for certain I hooked up the negative to CH2. Yes, I used the binding posts in the middle. My theory would have been to get the peak light on the mixer to stop blinking. I use an AKG D112 kick mic. I have to turn the pre to about 9 o'clock to get it to stop. Then there's no volume. When I run the signal through my other amp (XTi-2000) into a single channel (Xover = 90Hz) it works fine with NO clipping. Bridge mode seems to be very sensitive. But the consensus seems to be to download this Band Manager software. How do I do that? Thanks for all the good advice!
  2. Connections: One. From AUX2 (mixer) to CH1 input (XTi-1000) Cabinet work: None. No phase switch on sub (Community S-215S) Ohms: 4 ohms Xover Points (LPF): 100Hz (preset = BRG SUBS) and also 90Hz (LPF) when engaging the manual DSP method (please see below) I tried it two ways. First the preset called BRG SUBS. When that clipped I tried the DSP: XOV = 90Hz LIM Ch. 1 = -12db STEREO/BRIDGE MONO = BRIDGE Hope this input helps. Thanks!
  3. I'm micing a kick drum. I have the amp in bridged mode powering a dual 15" sub. Crown is rated at 1400W. Sub wants to see between 800 and 1250W. I have engaged the Limiter and set it to max and it still clips. Amp attenuator dial is at 12 o'clock. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. plastic rivets

    Kevin, Thanks for the reply. I read in the manual that the protective inserts are for European models. So why did they show up in the USA models? Anyway, needle nose pliers don't work. Tried that yesterday. A #2 wood screw will be tough to find. I'm guessing the hole we're dealing with is 1mm diameter. Is there anything else you can pass on? Loosen the nuts first? Drill them out? Send the amplifers back? Fang
  5. plastic rivets

    Hello, Just bought a couple XTi amps. Can anyone tell me how to remove the protective plastic rivets located inside the banana jack barrels? Thanks!