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  1. XTI Upgrades

    Your right that the amps are a little hot for my system. They clip a couple db before my board does. But the issue is really within the amps, I think. At times there will be green lights for "ready," "Signal," and "-20" and a red light for "clip" but no green light for "-10" on the amp. This happens very infrequently because I rarely get my system that loud. It occurs to me as I'm writing this that these times I may not have been able to get them optimal power. I have done a couple shows where I have had to run 3 or 4 amps off of the same outlet (I know better, but the show must go on). Would that explain what I'm seeing? Erik
  2. XTI Upgrades

    Hi, Let me start by I have had exclusively xti amps in my rack pretty much since they first came out and I don't want to use anything else (except for Itechs maybe) but they seem to clip a little bit too easily, usually before the -10 light illuminates. I just noticed on the website that the weight of the amps is 24lb, for some reason I seem to remember them being 17lb. Has the series been upgraded? If so, is there anything I can do to get mine upgraded? Awesome amps otherwise, very practical for a company like mine. Erik