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  1. Joust pointed out the bootstrap circuit on these older amps. The C1 Cap 250 v 10 uf was bad bad bad. it leaked a Loooong time ago and then just dried out. when testing it looked ok. BUT when voltage is applied the breakdown will then show up. The 10vdc zener had to show a drop of 10vdc from the rail voltage when testing from 87 vdc to 77 vdc. there was no drop at all. Bad Cap! What made me finally think of what was going on I looked at the schematic for the bootstrap and the service bulletins point at the High voltage being present on the board. C1 Cap I had 2 of these amps with the same thing that I got from a sound man at the same time for real cheap.......... Replaced the other one with the same exact problem C1 cap and now have 2 amps that work just fine. That was the problem! Testing caps "in circuit" is tough to read and pulling every cap is not very practical. Thanks again Joust PUD
  2. CE 1000 Pwr supply

    Thanks J This ones been kicking my *beep* for a while, I dont have a lot of time these days but usually I nail these right away. Will ck the ballast this AM Will post right away PUD Rev: Just tested the zener has 85v on both sides measuring from ground to the diode You should have 10 volts on the Zener diode D8 and it should be 10V higher than the positive rail voltage 10 volts higher that the rail?? confused on that. PUD
  3. I have been reading up in this site for every bit of info on the CE1000 amps. I have pulled and replaced suspect Caps and tested all the semiconductors. Amp will cycle on with no spkr hook up 8 ohms spkr and it will go into fault I am getting the 15 +/- And the 24 vdc BUT only 74 VDC +/- at all test points indicated on the main PC board The Schematic says 87 VDC+/- The Bootstrap and the Thermo protect One thing here About the pwr transformer I read this!!! The device in the transformer is a 100 degree C thermal switch and is one three heat sensors built into the amp that can trigger the fault circuit. The CE2000 transformer is a proprietary transformer and design information is confidential. However I can say that there is three power supplies the Low Voltage +/- 15v Supply, the Bootstrap supply and the High voltage Vcc+/Vcc- (+/-85v for the CE1000 and +/-98v for the CE2000. This is a simple transformer thats built for Crown, this should not be a secret, the power supply is key to any repair Is there anyone here that has an Idea about the 74vdc! thats low for this schematic. And any schematic for the transformer!!????? Thanks PUD
  4. CE1000 transformer ?

    Thanks Kip, I will trace the signal, Both CH 1&2 are getting the input sig and can turn it up to where the red clipping led comes on. just nothing on the output.
  5. dc300a problem

    Caps is the first thing I would go for, even freeze the transistors/ic circuits. Hot-cold with the iron sometimes will make the part fail...... I have even had noisy resistors. Sometimes tapping on the components. These kind of glitches can be a real bear other that swapping out each board/ parts PUD
  6. CE1000 transformer ?

    Binderyequip@gmail.com CH 1 8 ohms on 1 output, signal is on the green led and increase of input will get the red clip led to start to cone on. Ch 2 is the same Test 1 channel at a time Both Ch's are out Cked all the SMT emitter resistors Cked all driver leads If any output transistor was bad you should get a fault Inspected the main board and wiring very close along with testing every diode,trans,cap, Heat sinks cold. theres a mute circuit but to hear the relays kick in after you get the 6 seconds from "turned on" Just for fun I will open J2 lead 3 to see if the fault will trigger and fan come on I must be missing something real simple here guys PUD
  7. Is there a diagram on the transformer therm protect , my question is the J2 pins 3&4 on the 15VDC to the transformer getting 2.1vdc pin 3 &4 to gnd I posted info on what I have tested so far using the diagrams from the web site for this CE1000. BTW no faults on led's except on Ch 2 clipping sometimes any help ? thanks guys Pud
  8. HI Guys, Its been a looooong time since I got into repairing PWR amps. Picked up a few CE1000's here goes, 2 Inputs getting signal even to clipping. No sound from outputs. No DC voltage at outputs CH1&2 No heat at all on heatsinks(no signal) Faults come on 6 seconds CH2 will show clip light sometimes. hear relays cycle on. CK voltages 24v 15v at test points. J2 23vac pin 1+2 28vdc before regulators get + & - 15vdc CK heat sinks 2 get 83 vdc to GND , 2 get 0 vdc to GND Ck triacs tab to GND (no Short) CK all pwr trans on bottom 6.1 ohm across leads and to heat sink(no shorts) ck all bias resistors Look and inspect main board (no burns) ck all transistors (even the small ones) darlingtons too! Ck caps leakage even C4&C5 C20,C21 main pwr caps J2 pins 1&2 23VAC J2 pins 3&4 -2.1vdc ??????? +&- 15 vdc before resistors No faults showing after startup( sometimes ch2 clipping) Inputs get signal and can show clipping adj input vol Thermal protect? Transformer thermal (no hot) Bad? J2 unpluged 2 red wires ck (24vac) 3ohms across / 2 yellow wires 2 ohms across (15V) all chassie Gnd's tight Bridge/stereo just no sound at all Is there a way to ck the main trans with the thermal? Of course cables ok speakers ok Amp just cycles ON and just etner shows Clipping on CH2 or no faults at all Mute protect? HELP PUD