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  1. CE1000 PWA revision

    Thank you for the reply. Is it not a parts stock list? http://www.crownaudio.com/support/fy10Part...icing-92809.xls
  2. CE1000 PWA revision

    Thank you. I'm waiting for your reply.
  3. CE1000 PWA revision

    One correcton. Component map of 137556-4 is provided but exploded view of PWA and chassis not provided.
  4. Now I'm trying to fix my CE1000 and the PWA need to be replaced. So, I have a question. Now two PWA, 137556-4 and 127451-5, are provided as replacement parts for CE1000. Originally, my CE1000 has a 102139-9 PWA. And I want to know which replacement can be retrofit to my CE1000 chassis. Because schematics 137556-4 is provided but component map for that PWA is not provided, I can't decide that. http://www.crownaudio.com/pdf/legacy/137556-3_B_sch.pdf Price of 137556-4 is lower than 127451-5 and I want to use 137556-4, if I can. Please kindly advise. -- Kuni