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  1. XS 500 Fan stuck on high

    HECK is what I said
  2. XS 500 Fan stuck on high

    Thanks, I will give it a whirl, A little out of my expertise but what the *beep*
  3. XS 500 Fan stuck on high

    NO, I am pretty sure it is a two speed fan, as I know the XTI 1200 has two speeds, I did have one working hard one night (the 500 and not this one) and the fan did kick into hight speed
  4. For the cost of the 6 K or 2 4k amps, you mgith take a look at a IT 4 k. Great amps and on low end they cannot be beat, I do agree with the 2 amp senario as it give you a spare in the worst case senario and dont get me wrong here, I love my crowns and the XTI's I have work good but do lack a little on low end for subs, I have not heard a 6 K but I have heard the IT amps and they really do produce Tight and incredible low end,
  5. XS 500 Fan

    Thanks you very much, I sent this unit in for repair and got it back, used it one time, put it on the shelf and now it is doing this, I hope I can fix it!!
  6. XTI Crossover

    It is set up internally in the DSP of the unit, one side will be the lows and the other will be the highs. One of the best things you can do, is down load bandmanager and connect to the amp with your computer,, It gives you a much better selection of what you can do and allows you to set HPF and LPF. If your sub only goes down to 50 HZ, you can set a HPF (high pass Filter) at about 60 hz with maybe a LR filter and that will "roll" the low end off and not send signals to your speakers that they cannot handle and will make the amp work much better as it is not trying to reproduce signals you dont need. Oh and yes you would link the two channels together if you want the same source to both sides of the amp but if you want the center channel to go to channel two and the sub channel to go to channel one, you would not link or Y the inputs together, Xover is something entirly different than hooking the two channels together, it selects the range of freqs that each part of the amp might see, Channel 1 may see from 50 hz to 100 hz and use a LR xover with 24 db of slope and channel two might see from 100 hz to 16 khz and use a LR xover with 24 db of slope on the low side and maybe a 6 db bessel on the high side to roll the extreme highs off starting at 16 KHZ It is much easier on the computer and you can very quickly change things and hear what they do, just do it a low volume until you get it figured out
  7. Title says it all, is it something I can fix, amp works great, sat for a long time and now fan is stuck in high.
  8. XS 500 Fan

  9. I have one of these that has been on the shelf for a long time and when I tested it the other day the fan is stuck in high, Is there a quick fix for this without sending it back?
  10. CTs600 Setup Question

    If you have two 8 ohm speakers and they are attached to one side of the amp, the amp will see something close to a 4 ohm load on that side, if you where to attach four 8 ohm speakers to one side of the amp, that would be a 2 ohm load or close. If you attach one 8 ohm speaker to each side of the amp, that is a 8 ohm load on each side, Not to say you have done this but sometimes people press or engage the Bridge button on an amp to get more power but they leave the speakers attached the same way as you would if the amp is in the stereo mode, This can cause an issue as when bridged, one side of the amp is out of polarity with the other side and this can cause a lack of bass, (cancellations) and make a amp work very hard to produce a low note. The other thing just to be sure, you might check your speakers with an ohm meter to see if they are 8 ohms and if you can move the cones in and out by hand, slowly and gently and listen to make sure they do not drag, if they are dragging that would cause you amp to see loads it does not want or can handle and may cause the fans to come on quickly or early.
  11. CTs600 Setup Question

    What load do you have on the amp, 8 4 or ????
  12. Kevin, pls reply here as I would love to know if this unit is only set up for USA voltage as some of the other units have been.
  13. CTs600 Setup Question

    I am not ot good with the input stuff Fan, what ohm load do you have on the amp? is there any sign of clipping?
  14. XTI 4000 Voltage

    Try searching this forum as I think Kevin has replied to this question before, If I remember right, the supply can work at either voltage, there is no "switch" per say. I dont think there is any issue with them requrding 50HZ or 60 HZ power either, but let the pros tell you for sure
  15. If you have too much lows, you have a couple of choices, but the safest one I think will be to adjust the gain at the xover down a bit, maybe even lower the xover point or both,, some times you must fiddle around a bit to get it right, Dont be afraid to try some things, seak a local pro from a local sound co and most will help you and give you some ideas and for a couple of beers and dinner may even come out and help a bit,