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  1. Thank you for your help, Cant wait to power this bad boy up!
  2. Im new here and i have just received my new xti 4000, but i have a few questions even before i power it up! 1. I know this sounds like a stupid question but just to be sure, it say the xti 4000 has a universal power supply 120~240v , does this mean i can use the amp in europe and the usa without making any changes??? 2. Just a quick question on my set up.... i have been using a few different amps in the past with my set up as follows, DAS ds 15 on top and dynacord A180 subs , my wiring was done like follows, left side of the amp to the sub, and linked to the top via the output on the sub, and the same on the other side, right to sub , then link to the top, thus using the crossover in the sub its self. Will this be ok to use with the xti 4000??? Orcan some suggest a better more powerful option? I have seen on other topics using channel 1 for subs and channel 2 for tops, but does this mean the sound will be mono?? , for example if certin songs have a stero seperation , i.e vocals mainly on the left side or what ever, that some songs will sound strange , maybe like a karoke version!!!! Any advise will be great. Regards Gregg