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  1. All good, I was just missing a few zeros!!! N
  2. The information you have posted is what I currently have. What I need is the actual data format. for example when talking to a usm810 via 232, the data is formated such as: $xx, $xx, $xx etc where the $ indicated hex, and the xx indicates the hex number. What format does the data need to be sent in? I guess this is a question for the IQ code guys? Thanks N
  3. I am about to start talking to a selection of USP3/CN cards via an ethernet network. Has anyone done this? Are there any tricks to doing this? In particular I am looking for a sample string to control an amp - just to understand the string structure. I have previously controlled USM810 via serial, but the protocol has obviously changed. Can you help by maybe translating one of the examples in the UDP/IQ network control protocol. Thanks