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    Ok great thanks for your help i will start with those settings.
  2. Ok so i have some questions. I have looked through the topics and i am getting conflicting answers. First question: I currently just purchased a XTI2000 from my local GC to power only my subs. THe salesman informed me that it would CORRECTLY power my Harbinger HX181S sub (SPECS Power Handling (RMS): 400 Watts # Power Handling (Peak Sine): 800 Watts Power Handling (Peak Program): 1600 Watts Frequency Response: 32 Hz 250 Hz Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms22"H x Sensitivity (1w, 1m): 98 dB Max SPL: 128 dB) I have read on some of the topics that it is not suggested that i run this in bridge mode as it may be too much for this sub for a simular speaker however the GC salesman told me thats what i need to do. Is this correct? What are at least some starting points that i can use in system architecht that i can use to correctly make this sub sound the way it should(XOV points, EQ points, SUB SYNTH?? HP FILTER, LP FILTer). I understand that it is whatever i think sounds good but at least some starting points would be great. I am a mobile DJ and primarily play top 40 music. Now occasionally i want to run a second sub as well. Is the XTI2000 strong enough to power or do i need to upgrade to the XTI4000. I was previously running a QSC 1450 amp in bridge mode but felt like it wasnt powering the sub as it should. I wanted more punch and thats why i purchased the XTI2000 but it seems like the QSC 1450 delivered more power. I think i am doing things wrong. Next question: I run everything through a BBE Sonic maximizer it has Mid Highs and it has option for sub out. Is there a problem with running the maximizer through the sub out? I know the crown amp has its own X-over but would i still need to run it through the maximizer? What is the better way. Last question: (Total NEWB ) The manual says the amp can produce 2, 4 or 8 ohms.......................................... How do i get the amp to produce at 8ohms?? Does it do that when it is run in bridge mode? What configs do i need to do to run at 8ohms as that is what my subs indicate it should be run at. Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy post but i hope i can get some help. As you can tell i am really new at this.