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  1. Yamaha called me- I was correct about the Speakon connection. The 4 pole Speakon connector on the speaker should be powered with a 2 pole Speakon cable (or a 4 pole cable with the 2+/2- wire disconected). The s215v speaker has 2 500w 8ohm woofers wired in parallel giving the speaker a 1000w 4ohm rating. I didn't ask about bi-wiring the speaker with the 4 pole connection because I am not interested in bi-wiring (who is?). As cool as Speakon connections are, it is a shame they are so confusing to us newbies. Manufacturers don't help with the poor documentation...
  2. XTi4000 Setup NL2 connector?

    Hey Thibbert- I am not sure I follow a few things you wrote. 1. According to the JBL manual, the SRX715 is an 8ohm speaker with an rms power rating of 800w. When you connect 2 of these speakers in parallel (bridged mono amp--speaker--speaker), the amp will be sending 3,200w at 4 ohms and the power needs for these speakers will now be 1,600w rms at 4ohms. The 3,200w is 2x's the power rating necessary, so you will need to be careful about overpowering the speakers (speakers should be powered at their rms value, and not their peak value). You will need to be careful and only turn the amp about half way up, while watching out for clipping the signal. If the signal starts to clip (red led on amp), you will need to turn the amp down. I agree with your choice on amp power-better to cruise the amp around 50%, than run a lesser amp at full power. You may want to purchase a limiter and place it inbetween the mixer and the amps. A limiter when set up correctly will prevent dangerous peak levels from blowing the speakers. If you have high-pass filters on your mixing board-usually called a low cut-turn them on for all microphones used for vocals to eliminate very low frequencies (dropped microphone, banging the microphone or stand) from damaging the speakers drivers. 2. The JBL maunal lists the SRX718 subs as 800w rms at 8ohms as well. If you plan to run 2 subs in parallel, the same info aplies as above since they have the same power ratings. If you only plan to run 2 subs in stereo, the power rating on the XYi4000 is a little low at 650wrms stero. If you plan to bridge the amps power (mono amp---1 sub), your power rating is 2,400w rms into 8ohms-this would grossly over power the sub which should be run at its rms value of 800w. I would buy a lesser amp for the subs such as the XTi1000 which would give you 1000w rms bridged mono. You could use the 2nd XTi4000 for the other 2 main SRX715 speakers. 3. I hope at this point I understand your setup. If I understand you correctly you plan to run 4 SRX715's-2 speakers in parallel powered by 1 XTi4000 bridged mono amp each (1 bridged amp powers 1 passive speaker, or 2 passive speakers connected in parallel) If this is correct you plan to buy 2 more SRX715's and another XTi4000 amp (or use you second amp and buy a lesser amp for the subs)??? 4. With you current equipment, your amps would be required to run in stereo mode. The power rating of 650w at 8ohms (speakers are 800w at 8ohms) is a little low-whether you risk damage to the speakers due to underpowering them or not-I do not know. To run the amps in bridged mode, you would need to buy 2 more amps (1 amp per speaker) and would risk grossly overpowering the speakers. If you buy more speakers as well and run them in parallel (mono bridged amp---speaker---speaker) then the amps power ratings are ok. I am not sure what you plans are, but if you plan on not running in parallel, you may want to reconsider your choice in amp model (see above). 5. Your original post sounded like you plugged a microphone directly into the back of the amp, I am not sure this is safe to do. I believe it is important to plug all devices into a mixer or some kind of preamp first. 6. Bi-amping is when you power the differnt drivers (woofers and tweeters) seperately in a speaker. For example, the manual for the JBL SRX715 lists the bi-amp power ratings for the horn tweeter: HF(high frequency)= 100w rms-300w peak at 8ohms; and the power rating for the woofer: LF(low frequency)=800w rms-1,600w peak at 8ohms. I am not sure how to connect this to an amp-has to do with the Speakon cable(?). Not that many people bi-amp speakers that I am aware of. 7. You will need to contact JBL about the Speakon cable you made-I can't tell from the JBL manual if you need a 2-pole or a 4-pole cable. I hope all this helps you. I am fairly new to all this myself and I have had to do alot of reading to get to a basic understanding of all this (I hope). Good sources of information are amp and speaker manuals (you can read manuals for other brands or models online-helps with knowlege base), this forum, and go talk to your local retailer (there is usually a pro-audio guy who runs alot of expesive gear DJing). My best advice is be really careful with all this equipment and how you set it up-make sure you know what your doing before you do it...You have some pretty cool equipment, I would hate for you to damage any of it. Good Luck
  3. XTi4000 Setup NL2 connector?

    Hey- I posted a similar problem with my Yamaha speakers-see my Speakon post from the 8th. It is frustrating the lack of information in the documentation with these speakers. I checked out the online manual at JBL and I didn't see any specific information pertaining to number of poles to use with the Speakon connectors. This one is over my head-you should call JBL and ask for support. I am still waiting on my reply from Yamaha. I noticed a few things on your post, however...are you running these spekers passive or bi-amped? I am assuming you want passive-check the back of speaker for the switch. Secondly, the amp you have purchased is rated 650w into 8ohms-the speakers recommended power range is 800w-1600w into 8ohms. I am not sure, but you may be under powering your speakers. Thirdly, you wrote that you plugged a microphone into the appropriate channel into the back of the crown-I assume you had the microphone going into a mixer or something first. If not, I beleive that would be the problem with the low output (may be dangerous for equipment as well???-not sure). Hope these comments help-I would call JBL right away before I ran these amps/speakers again. My hunch is that you need a 4pole Speakon??? I don't really know however-hense I await Yamaha's reply...
  4. Thanks for the reply, I had called the pro audio guy at the local Guitar Center. He told me the 4 pole Speakon was there in case I wanted to bi-amp the speaker. He said that the speakers were indead 500w-8ohm in parallel (same speakers as Yamaha's s115v) and that the 2 sets of poles in the Speakon connector were connected to run the 2 woofers in parallel-since the 1+/1- were active and the 2+/2- were "no use". If I wanted to bi-amp the speakers, I would have to modify the Speakon connections (I think I got this correct). I agree with you on the poor documentation-very confusing. I plan to call Yamaha to make sure on all this and I will post the answer when I get it. Thanks again.
  5. xls 602d bridged 4 ohm load

    Thanks Stephane for the fast reply. For awhile anyway, I will only be running acoustics through the pa-no guitars bass or drums. Later, when we need to mix all instruments together, I plan to run a limiter to all speakers, and a high pass filter as well where needed (something like this-I am still learning ). Thanks again for you help.
  6. xls 602d bridged 4 ohm load

    Thanks Stephane for the reply I was planning on not turning the amps all the way up, but turning them gradually to about 3/4 up to reach the 1000w range (while watching for clipping). As for the Furman power conditioner, I need to plug the amps into something due to lack of outlets. Can the furman function as a power strip? Could I use a power strip? Is there something else I should use? I plan on using an outlet on a different circuit than my guitar amp, but I only have 1 outlet with 2 sockets available. I could run 2 high current extesion cords, but this will only work until I buy more amps for the rack system I am building (will need probably 3 more amps for subs and monitors). My guy at guitar center told me to use the Furman like a power strip. This really would be convienient, but would it be safe for the equipment? Please advise. Thanks again.
  7. Hi to all, I was wondering about which type of speakon cable to use with my 1000w yamaha s215v club speakers. The speakers have a 4 pole speakon connection, but the manual is not very clear on how many poles are being used. As far as I can tell only the 1+ and 1- are being used (even though it has a NA4LJR conection). The 2+ and 2- portion of this connection are listed as "not used". If my reasoning is correct, this speaker must have 2 500w 8ohm speakers connected in parallel which give the speaker a rating of 1000w at 4ohms. Therefore, I beleive I should use a 2 pole speakon cable even though the speaker has 4 pole connections. Please advise. Thank you.
  8. xls 602d bridged 4 ohm load

    Thanks for the reply. The internet retailers list the xls 602d as 1,680 ohm bridged mono. I beleive it is also printed on the box as well. My only real concern is am I risking my speakers or amps in any way, and will running bridged mono have an affect upon their longevity. I was also wondering about plugging the amps into my furhman M-8x power conditioner. I think I read someone write that amplifiers should not be plugged into these because the outlets on these conditioners will not exceed 15 amps. I am not sure about this-not plugging into some kind of power conditioner/surge protection would worry me as well. Thank again.
  9. I've read some posts, and I feel pretty confident I am ok here. I intend to run 2 yamaha s215v 4 ohm speakers (1,000w rms) with 2 bridged xls 602d amps bridged (1,680w bridged 4 ohm). I will be using the red binding posts with a banana clip to speakon 12 gauge cable-connecting the speakons to the speakers. My concern is the manual does not list a power rating for 4 ohm bridged operation, nor does it indicate that you may safely drive 4 ohm speakers in bridged mode. Could someone please comment and let me know I am safe here. Thanks.