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  1. PS-400 No Audio

    I checked into it and I was wrong. Power light and IOC lights come on but I cant get the signal lights to come on no matter what I do for the input. I read somewhere else that I am supposed to hear a click about 4 seconds after powering on and I don't have that either. I also noticed that when I crank up the level knobs to full, the IOC lights flicker briefly. Any ideas?
  2. PS-400 No Audio

    Thanks I'll dig in to the service manual. Given the symptoms, any suggestions where I could start looking or where I may want to focus on?
  3. PS-400 No Audio

    I have a PS-400 and when I turned it on, there was a lout pop and now no audio will pass. All lights come on but nothing is coming out. Please help. Thanks Troy