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  1. XTi 2000 powering (2) JBL JRX100 speakers

    (2) JBL Pro JRX125 thanks.
  2. I'm currently running an XTi 2000 as well as an active crossover and a few other amps. This XTi 2000 is powering my mains (two JBL JRX100s). I'm using a crossover ahead of this amp to send the low frequencies to another amp and to a pair of subs. From the Xti, I have one JBL in Channel 1 and the other in Channel 2. I'm not sure what DSP setting I should use with this setup. I'm not getting good sound at the moment. With it set to 'DSP OFF', I get only the horn out of one of the speakers and the other sounds fine. I've tried a few other settings. M/H Mono sounds the best, but I only have control through one of the channels. I don't know if, by using this setting, I'm pulling too much power from only one channel. I will also add that I had to have the ribbon cable reconnected a few months ago. I'm not sure if this would have anything to do with the sound problems. Any information on how I can get these set up correctly will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.