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  1. CTS 3000

    Hi, I have a CTS 3000 and 1 of the channel thermal light always lit whenever i power on the amplifier. Can someone advice me how to solve this problem. Thanks
  2. CTS tuning

    Pardon me for my ignorance do i have install the self-monitoring software or it is already in the amplifier? Thanks
  3. CTS tuning

    Hi, Can anyone tell me why do we need to perform tuning(I Mon Adjust, Current Limit test etc..) to CTS 2000/3000 amplifier. Will there be any implication/problem if the tuning procedure is not perform or not perform correctly. Thanks
  4. XLS 402

    Hi, I have a XLS 402 amplifier that aways give a loud 'pop' sound at the speaker whenever i switch it off after use. Initially i suspect it could be the speaker problem but the problem still persist after i switched to a different speaker. Can anyone pls advise me what could be the possible problems. Thanks