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  1. crown Macro Tech 5000

    This issue has been raised many times by 5002VZ users in England, It just seems that the 5000VZ is happier at 2 ohms (which is what your 1st example is) than the VZ5002. Not familiar with the load in your 2nd example. Is the 5002 also being loaded down to 2 ohms? This issue is why I have never purchased 5002's and stuck to 5000's which happily play all day at 2 ohms.
  2. Amcron macro tech 1201

    There is no difference between Amcron and Crown. I have both an Amcron Macrotech MA5000VZ and a Crown version. Crown says this in the manual :- "All units have multitap transformers and can be configured for any AC line voltage."
  3. Counterfeit Crown?

    What is being done about this?