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  1. New XLS 802 - sounds broken out of box

    I had the same issue with a new XLS 802d. After I took it out of the box and plastic I picked up the unit and turned it with top facing me to check out the back. That's when I heard the noise you describe, although to me it sounded more like a small screw. Whichever way I turned the amp, you could hear this object rattling off the components and the housing. I didn't plug it in for what really should be obvious reasons. I didn't open it because I received it damaged and didn't shell out cash for broken amplifier. I sent it back to the merchant from which it came to exchange it for another. They sent me a replacement. Guess what? THE REPLACEMENT ARRIVED DAMAGED TOO!!! With this second unit, I did just that Kevin. Here is what I found: The quarter was added in the picture for scale. The green and orange things are broken pieces of the circuit board that the capacitors rest on. The two off-white things are pieces of glue from between capacitors C1 and C5. Here is the point of failure. The interior of the housing's top plate was also scratched up, it seems primarily by the heatsinks. Scratches are also visible on the heatsinks. I will be returning this unit to the seller as well. I haven't decided yet if I'll be asking for a replacement or a refund. Both units I received were sent in nothing more than factory packaging which arrived with tears and gouges in them. Would I be in this predicament if the merchant double boxed the unit? If I decide on replacement I will insist that it be shipped in an additional foam-lined box. UPS seems the easiest to point a finger at but the damage could have occurred in the factory or any point in between. Maybe it's poor quality control. Maybe it's a design flaw. These things are supposed to be tough. I have doubts about how this product will hold up in real world application as a portable PA amplifier.