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  1. I'm looking at an OSP 6 Space Pro DJ Mixer Case w/Sliding Laptop Shelf OSP Website for my mobile gigs. Will I have overheating problems running a XTI 2000, XTI 1000, a wireless mic and a power conditioner all filling the available rack spaces. Also, will I get interference with the wireless setup so close to the amps? Tnx
  2. I need a little help with my amp setup. I already have a XTI 2000 that I will power 2 Peavey SP5G speakers. I am looking for an amp to power (2) PV118 Subs that are rated 400W max. I thought about an XTI 1000 in bridge mono. First, would that be enough power to properly run them? Second, do I run the both channels in series through the 2000 into the 1000 and then operate the 1000 in bridge mono. And last, is the banana plug into a 1/4 the best route for hookup? Any help is appreciated.
  3. I am buying equipment to DJ weddings this year. Most of the receptions will be in medium sized rooms for group sizes of 50-175 guests. I need to buy an amp or amps to power my speakers and subs. Trying to start of as inexpensively as possible and add equipment as the gigs continually pay. I have a pair of Peavey SP 5G's and a pair of Peavey PV118 Subs that I will be running. What is the smallest amp I could get away with or two amps that would work together. I could always add an amp later to power subs only. I was looking at the XLS 802 to start. Would this amp be enough to power everything if they are wired in series? It would end up pulling 4 ohms per side so think that would be 800 watts/side out of the amp. What do you think? Tnx