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  1. Downloaded firmware update Version (May 10, 2011) now the units fans will not go to sleep like it did when no signal is detected EDIT: never mind I figured it out... the fan runs faster when gain knobs are at highest setting when I turned them down the fan also went down.
  2. Just downloaded 3.0 and did a firmware update is there a way to change the LED brightness on the front panel within system architect 3.0
  3. MA-12000i

    Hello All, I read somewhere (cant find the article now) that the Crown MA-12000i sounded better when hooked up to 220v Has anyone here tried to run directly a 220v AC 60 Hz (USA voltage) to the Macro-tech I series amplifier? I have several cords that came in the box when I bought it new but uncertain which of the 5 cords us the USA 220v??