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  1. karlos, Do you think you could give me some more details on exactly what I should check. I am new to working on the guts of amplifiers, also is it possible to get a repair manual for the PS-200 or is that something that Crown does not make available to lay users?
  2. I recently came into possession of a well used Crown PS-200 amplifier. When I first turned the amplifier on, I just plugged it in to test that it actually would turn on and when I did, the IOC and Signal Lights all lit up and do not go out. There is no signal going to the amp and there are no cables attached to the amp. Only the amp is plugged in for power. I do not know if this is a simple fix or if the amp is effectively dead. Is there anything i can do trouble shoot it or fix it? Also if at all possible I would like to not send it away.