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  1. IT9000HD vs. MA9000I

    Just to follow up on this topic I started; I purchased two MA9000i amplifiers and just LOVE them. Working with the venues has been no problem as everyone has an electrician friend. I purchased a Motion Labs 1104-2-DD-050-0012, 30amp power distribution Rac Pac and most places can put in an L14-30, 4 prong twist lock plug. If they only use a three prong twist lock, that's ok too because I'm still getting 30amps (30 amps per side on the 4 prong) and I use adaptor for the different plug configurations. I can also run two separate 20amp circuits as well so there are many options to get the power I need. Worse case, I use (1) 20amp circuit, power one amplifier, and run the mains off side A and the subs off side B. Now I'm looking to buy two more each of the JBL SRX715 and JBL SRX718s cabs. I've used one each per side at outdoor venues and other than being able to walk through the crossover point (which I can always seem to hear at an outdoor venue) the sound is great. I can only imagine what it will sound like when I give the power amps something that needs me to turn the dials all the way up instead of just half way. Yes, I have never had the amps past 50-55% power. Just awesome and cheaper then the ITHD amps. Way to go Crown.
  2. Yes, originally I was set on getting the iTech 9000HD's until I found out they draw so much AC current that I would actually need at least a 20AMP circuit for each of those as well. That's my preference because they are tour quality and are made in the USA. (That's still important to this prior military man). Then, I was told the XTi6000's could give me what i needed but still came across the same power issues. My Peavey GPS3500's (775watts @ 8ohms stereo) run the SRX's fine for now (until I get another one per side) and I have three of them hooked into a 15amp furman unit without ever blowing a breaker, but the speakers are not getting what they truly need which is why I was informed to go witht he 4000's bridged. I would rather run stereeo myself and have already contacted Motion Labs for a rack unit power distribution solution unless Harman makes something like this? The biggest problem is not getting straight answers. I'm not saying the answers are wrong just that there is soooo much to this and there are sooooo many variables no wonder people go to college and get degrees for doing this stuff. But, I really appreciate these forums and I may just end up with the ITHD's yet.
  3. Kevin, that's not good news considering I just got two brand spanking new 4000's. We tried the XTi6000 but ran into power issues when I discovered I needed an adapter for the Nema 20 plug that comes with it and most bars/lounges/homes where we play don't have these types of plugs. Also, I wasn't sure if I could use two XTi6000's running my SRX715 tops and SRX718 subs without blowing circuit breakers including the ones on a Furman PL-PRO DMC or other such rack unit. I've read numerous forum posts from here and the conclusion was the 6000 will suck the power right out of the city's grid and cause a blackout. Ok, that's a little extreme but they do require a 20amp circuit each right? Since Crown, JBL and dbx are all in the Harman family maybe you could help set up my system. Notice how I have stayed within the same "family"? As stated above, right now I have (1) JBL SRX715 and SRX718s per side. In the near future I want to double that. What are your suggestions for Crown amplifiers? Thank you much.
  4. I have questions concerning the set-up for Bridged Mono using the equipment listed in the title. I hooked everything up and was ready to go but I could not figure out which unit was telling the truth or which one to use to set the system to Bridge Mono. I have (2) Crown XTi 4000's and wanted to set them in Bridge Mono to run (2) JBL SRX715 tops and (2) JBL SRX718 subs. The DRPA+ would set the subs ok but I couldn't figure out how to get it to set the tops this way. The XTi's don't seem to have a preset for this selection either. (for the tops) And then Band Manager, you need a separate users manual for this as it saw my amps but 1) there is no selection for the 718's and 2) when I got into the features I just got lost and was going to just let the DRPA+ take it. So, my questions are these: 1) Should I just forget the BandManager and XTi's and let the DRPA+ take care of everything? 2) How can I tell the DRPA+ that I need my SRX715's Bridged Mono using an XTi4000? (I really don't want to have to buy an XTi6000 to run them in stereo) 3) Do I set the amps at DSP OFF if the DRPA+ is being used? I've read the manuals and I don't think they give enough information which is why I'm glad these forums are here. Thank you for your replies in advance.

    This SpeakOn NL4 connector, 1+2+ for Bridge Mono thing still has me confused. I understand using an NL4 connector and a 12 gauge wire. My questions are: If the cable has four wires running through it and all four are connected at both ends to the NL4's, isn't there a wire at 1+ and 2+ already? Wouldn't the speaker actually have a wire at the connectors it needs then as well? If the amp and speaker only require two wires each then why the NL4 vs. NL2? This simple thing is really confusing the heck out of me. Thanks for your understanding.
  6. Xti 4000 bridged mode output?

    I can only assume that means read the manual. Yes I have. Forward, backward, in between and I even tried to read the foreign languages. But alas, I got scared and frustrated and put the Crown XTi4000's back in the shipping boxes and I am sending them back. Too much for my brain to handle. I need to actually "see" someone or some company set a system up in bridged mono for both the tops and subs and get a feel for the proper connections. One of the largest shows of the year is tomorrow night (NYE) and I've racked my brain way too long for this. It wasn't any fun anymore. So the Peavey GPS 3500's are back in the rack and I'm just going to run stereo as usual and will try this again maybe for Easter. They put out a respectable 775 watts per side at 8 ohms but fall short for the JBL SRX715 and SRX718 ratings. Guess I went too good on the cabs. Thanks for all your help on this subject and others.
  7. Xti 4000 bridged mode output?

    I found (bought) a set of 12 gauge NL4 speakon cables. I'll just go from the Channel 1 out in Bridge mode for the JBL SRX718 subs. I can't seem to figure out how to bridge the JBL SRX715 mains though. Anyway, if you are familiar with the dbx DriveRack PA+, I have one of those as well and I'm not sure what to set the XTi4000's at so the DRPA+ can run them. Basically, what the heck is it supposed to read in the XTi window? There are quite a few little icons in there. Thanks for the well wishes.
  8. Xti 4000 bridged mode output?

    Is the 1+ and 2+ the same as using a NL4 Speakon connector? Heck, I already bought Banana Plugs to attach but I never liked them in the first place. Thanks
  9. There are a lot of discussions concerning these items but most of it is still high tech mumbo jumbo to my novice brain. Let's try this and see if we can KISS it for me. I know my speaker ratings and power amp ratings but I can't seem to get the PA+ set up correctly. Do I run L/R from the High and Low outputs of the PA+ to the L/R inputs of the amps then bridge from there or is there just one input into the amp from the PA+? I want to run each XTi 4000 in Bridge Mono @ 4ohm for both the SRX715 tops and SRX718S subs giving each cab 1600 watts. These amps send 3200 watts at 4 ohms Bridged so it's perfect. The dbx doesn't allow me to set the tops in bridge mode but it will the subs. There is a bridge selection on the amp DSP too. Should I use both the PA+ and the XTi settings or bypass one or the other? So, I come out of the amp with a Banana plug to Speakon to the first cab then parallel it to the other cab? My only concern is that the dbx and XTi are set appropriately before I go out to the speakers. And, using Band manager, how will it know how many XTi's I have if there is only one USB connection on each. I can't hook them all together? Clear as mud I'm sure. Thanks for any help on this. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much.
  10. IT9000HD vs. MA9000I

    You lost me on the following terms: "sage" - does that mean drop off / out or diminish? "distro" - power distribution unit? Suggestions on brand, model? "toner" - just drawing a blank here. Thanks fud57
  11. IT9000HD vs. MA9000I

    Well, I just found out that the amplifiers specified in this post (I-Tech 9000HD and MA9000i) may require their own dedicated 20AMP circuits, each. In most places we play I run the whole band on a 20AMP alone. We've had some touring shows come to the church and they have a rack of amps but have to have a new power connection run to thier rig from our service box and the cable is huge. Right now I have (1) JBL SRX715 and (1) JBL SRX718s per side (both speakers have ratings of 800w continuous, 1600w program, 3200w peak) in which the XTi6000 would suffice at 1200watts per side. But, I plan on having (2) 715's per side and will probably up the subs too. Then, the XTi6000 would be well below the Program Rating at 2100watts giving each speaker only 1050. I'm not sure this would be enough power at 4ohms Stereo. It would have too much Bridged at 6000watts giving the speakers close to their Peak rating. The XTi4000 Bridged Mono at 4ohms should give me 3200watts divided by the two speakers and they would get 1600 watts each (which is the program rating). So, should I just go with the XTi Series and hope to be able to play any venue or take my chances with the tour proven power amps? I just dont want to have buyers remorse and "wish" I would have gone another route. Sorry if I was rambling. Thoughts?
  12. IT9000HD vs. MA9000I

    I have finally decided on spending the extra money and purchasing one of the two mentioned amplifier lines. After a lot of research on the pros and cons of these guys it has really just come down to price. Why is the IT9000HD $1600 more retail than the MA9000I? On paper they are so close I can't tell a difference? Is it because the ITHD is the new kid on the block? I talked with Full Compass and Sweetwater sales people and I can't go wrong with either amp. As with everything, some of these amps will have their troubles but I am looking toward the future and do not want to buy the XTi series wishing I actually had ITHD's. I run JBLSRX speakers and they eat a lot of power. I run stereo because I need the extra channels for different monitor mixes and have never run mono bridged. I use the system for live bands both indoor and out. I find many IT4000, and IT8000 amps for sale on eBay but have heard the old IT series had major failure issues. Is there any truth to this rumor or are the IT8000's a good buy? So, if anyone has first hand knowledge of both the IT series and MA series I would love to hear your thoughts on which way to go. Blessings.