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  1. were to get pip2 cards

    Alamo, If you're still looking for PIP cards, check your message box. M.
  2. XTI 1000 Sub

    Yes, you need to have the manual in hand and access the DSP functions. The manual is your friend, the manual is ALL! Check out thread a couple down from this one, "Xti2000 xover question just got it!" started by BBMS. Anyway, 2 options, set XOV and BRIDGE from the front panel or through the System Architect software. I use the software. Mark
  3. Xti2000 xover question

    Check out page 22 of the XTi manual. It says something about "custom" on the XOV block on the right hand diagram. Beyond that, I can't say as I only use software, anymore, to setup my Crown amps because I have to keep a permanent record of my settings for future reference. I do primarily permanent installations so I need to be able to reload them if the end user messes them up. Mark
  4. Xti2000 xover question

    Taking a quick look, it doesn't appear that you can get to the internal attenuation setting from the front panel. SO, you may need to get that external Y cable and then you could use the front mounted attenation knobs. Mark
  5. Xti2000 xover question

    Mark, The easiest, a bit time consuming at first, is to get the "System Architect" software (free) and use that to setup your amp. presets. Then, during a performance, you use the front panel to pull up different presets. That said, if you can't do that, you use the front panel. I can't tell you the exact steps as I use the software AND I don't think you'll have as good/fine or EASY of control over the amp DSP settings as with the software. With the software, you can set the crossover types and slopes, exact points of the high and low pass filters, etc. BTW, you now Y the input internally with the DSP. You DON'T need a Y cable any more! So, you set the input to Y, plug into Ch1, set your crossovers and go. the crossovers and EQ are 2 separate sections of the DSP. Then, I THINK, it's default for CH1 lows and CH2 highs on the output. There's a chart in the manual (available on the XTi page) that shows the DSP flow chart. Get that and study it. To reiterate, the EASIEST is to get the software. As a side benefit, if somebody plays with your settings and hoses them, you simply hook the computer in and reload the presets IF you saved them to the computer. Mark
  6. Dave, Yah, did the job a month ago. Client (a church) LOVES it. 1 DSi1000 driving 2 JBL AC2215/95 cabinets suspended about 27 feet up. The other DSi1000 is driving 3 JBL Ctl 25 speakers as mounted choir monitors. The Control 25 speakers were a true SOB to EQ. Their response is fairly "spikey". The AC2215 speakers gave me a flat response with just 2 EQ entries! I was getting 96 dB in the seating with out pushing it too hard. Mark
  7. amps for 8 jbl control 23

    Oooops.... Link.... 4 Speakers - 2 in Series, 2 in Parallel I found this with a quick Google. So, while that particular schematic appears to be correct, I did NOT look at the rest of the info and have no opinion on it. Mark
  8. amps for 8 jbl control 23

    Your speakers are Control 23 and not 23t? Do you already HAVE these speakers? If you DON'T have them, then get 23t (70V transformer version) and use a CDi1000 then wire each set of 4 in parallel. If you already DO have them, you're in for some "fun". The Ctl23 is an 8 Ohm speaker. If you attempt to wire 4 in parallel, you'll get a 2 Ohm load on each amp. channel. The XLS 202 is only rated down to a 4 Ohm load. This load will probably not immediately damage the amp. but it will probably spend a lot of time in thermal protect mode. The only safe way to do this is wire each set of 4 as parallel/serial. Check out the following link and scroll down to "4 Speakers - 2 in Series, 2 in Parallel". If done correctly, this should keep an 8 Ohm load on each amp. channel. Mark
  9. And, there's probably between a zip and nada chance of ever getting a "light" version of the software just so i can set basic parameters and lock it down on my field laptop with 98.
  10. Just got 2 DSi1000 amps for installation in a church. Can I lock out the front button panel so no kids (of ANY age) can change the presets or do I need to throw a security cover over it? I'm currently downloading the system arch. software right now. 100MB just so I can set the EQ?!? Yeesh and ouch... Oh, can the software be made to run on win 98? Thanks Mark
  11. I just picked up a Com-Tech 410 on the cheap and then found a IQ-USP2 card for a mind blowing $6.00 US. Input 1 is shot but I'm going to use it in the 410 as a single input crossover to drive a 2 driver subwoofer. Question is, is the IQ-PSI pocket serial interface still available? I've checked my price lists for the last 2 years and can't find any mention of it. I've been using the company's but I'd like to get one of my own if it's not TOO spendy. Thanks! Mark