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  1. Hello, Another thing, when i connect a source and speaker, the signal lights does not work, but there is sound. tgeo
  2. Hello, I just buy a Studio Reference with one channel defected, i have changed all the transistors with 6 couples of 15025G/15024G. No problem with the output bias ajustment, but the odep ajustment never work.(there is an error in the crown's manual, it's not measured on pins 3 and 4 on J500/J700 but on pins 5 and 6) So with the good pins I get +13.6V and -13.89V and the adjustment on r121/221 and r132/232 never change anything. (I am on 220V /switch on +26dB and level controls fully clockwise and the ODEP lights is on); Have i forgotten anything? Thanks