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  1. That's great! Thanks Kevin, much appreciated.
  2. It's a shame that Crown work this way. I can live with it though, I just wonder if I can use Crown support in my own country (even if I pay).
  3. Sorry for such a (I'm sure) silly question. I have a new XTi4000, it seems just fine with the DSP off, however I am keen to learn about setting crossovers & limiters. What information do I need to enable me to set the DSP up correctly for my speakers? FWIW, I have a pair of JBL MPro MP412 (8 ohms) that I normally run in stereo. I also have a pair of FBT Maxx 4 (4 ohms) that I would like a preset for, the XTi4000 is clearly more power than these need, and I wonder how much limiter (if any) I should set on these to help protect them. Finally I should add that I run them in one speaker per side of the amp (sometimes stereo, sometimes Y input). No subs at the moment, but they are somewhere in my near future, so I would like to know what changes I would make when these come along. I would also add that I searched the forum, but if I have missed this as a common topic please feel free to set me straight
  4. I am the very proud owner of a new XTi4000. I was a little surprised to see that the warranty is only valid in the country that it was purchased in. Especially as in Europe it is commonplace to purchase gear from across the borders. My XTi came from the USA, I am in Spain. What should I do if my amp develops a fault? Can I still use Crown for servicing, and just pay?