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  1. Recently we have had some problems using our Macrotech 5002VZ(+30pcs). We use them on our V-DOSC rig. During a dance event we have had serious damage on the highs. Drivers weren’t fried due to overheating but looked exploded. In our vision the drivers have had a serious burst overvoltage. Crossover setting(Dolby Lake) match the input sensitivity of the amps. All damage is repaired and the rig functions without problems. Because we weren’t able to really point out the cause of this disaster I am looking for an explanation. On a recent show I was carefully monitoring the amps and noticed that on the highs the IOC light blinked brightly(green) following the peaks in the signal. Rig was running on a reasonable level at the time. Amps of the lows and mids functioned normal. User manual tells me that the blinking means that there is distortion between the in and outgoing signal of the amp. If the amplifier is equipped with an ODEP indicator which is out and the IOC light is flashing with the signal, the amplifier’s ODEP thermal management system is protecting the amplifier from excessive heat and, in the process, producing some distortion as it limits output drive. It isn’t a malfunction of the amps because it is on all the units at the same time. Studying the user manual I have also came across the VZ switch. Could this be a reason for the amp to show the OID light? Really interested in your opinion to prevent us from having the same disaster in future.