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  1. XTi 4000 displays 'LIMITING'

    I had this happen only once and I have never seen it again on any xti. I was very tired at a gig and happened to gaze at the rack and saw one xti4k say LIMITING but only for about 5 seconds. I thought I imagined it until I saw this post. It was plugged into a wall outlet at very far from the breaker box and driving a 4 ohm load at a hip hop-hot-distorted-cupping the mic-in the red dj mixer event. So yeah, I could see how this could happen. Very cool that it tells you this. btw, the amp kept going and never shut down. Very impressive.
  2. Just spoke with Crown. They were very nice. Unfortunately, the parts are no longer available and they don't list any values for it. So I'm on my own I guess..
  3. Hi tom, please correct me if im wrong, but did you try crown? D4445-9 $4.37 I did. I still haven't received a call back from them. But the main reason I would like to find it locally is because the piece only weights 1 ounce and their new shipping rates state they will charge $10 to get it to me.
  4. Hi, I have a PSA 2 XH that needs a "resister trim network". It sets the 15 volt rail voltage. It's located at RN4 which translates to part # D4445-9. Does any know the value of it or an aftermarket part number for it? Thank you kindly in advance, Tom